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I have had AdMob working fine with test ads for the last 6 months on a new IOS game. Now I want to release it, I switch to using the live AdUnitIds that I have setup in Admob, but it fails on all iOS devices (and I have been trying for 5 days, now) with this error:

"Request Error: 1 No ad to show."

occurring here:

public override void DidFailToReceiveAd(Interstitial sender, RequestError error)
    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(“DidFailToReceiveAd  error={0}", error);

I am using banner and interstitial ads and get the same error for both.

I have 2 other games with AdMob all working fine.

Some observations and thoughts:

  1. Interestingly, if I change the BundleID of my new game to one of my other games, the live ads work fine (ie using the exact same code and the new AdUnitIDs), so it can’t be problem with my code or the AdUnitIDs. For some reason it doesn’t like my games BundleID.

  2. Is it because the new game is not live in the App Store yet (it’s Pending Developer Release)? I don’t think so as live ads certainly used to work before release.

  3. My new app is not “linked” to AdMob (you can’t link it until it’s Live), so is it related to that? Again I don’t think so as Linking didn’t used to make any difference (with my 2 other games over the last 2 years)

  4. I can see in my AdMob account there are hundreds of "Requests" but no "Impressions" (apart from the handful I got when I changed the BundleID to my other game as I mentioned above).

So I am stuck waiting to release this new game. Maybe releasing it will start the Ads working? But if not, my game will be shooting up the charts while I don’t get any revenue!

This is urgent! Any ideas? I’d love to know if someone else had the same problem and then it started working by itself after 7 days or 30 days? Or if they had to create a totally new app with different BundleId or if they gave up and used an different ad supplier?

(Also it’s impossible to contact AdMob support, there’s no email or phone and I have tried posting on their support forum, but no joy, so I am really stuck!)

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So ads are finally working!

I eventually took the step of releasing my new game (I used manual release in the App Store and had been waiting 10 days but no ads showed).

18 hours after appearing in the App Store, ads started working.

More thoughts and observations:

  1. I did not link AdMob to the App Store (I still haven’t), but interestingly my game does now appear in AdMobs search, so I can link it, so linking is not required.

  2. So what actually caused ads to start working? It’s either:

A) AdMob detect the app is actually in the App Store.

B) The game got 5 or so new people using it, so ads were requested from a few different IP addresses)and this triggers AdMob to serve ads.

C) It takes 10 days after switching from test ads to Live for ads to work

My theory is it’s A (especially as I can see Disc Drop in Admob’s search).

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