App failed to launch "No such process" / certificat untrust issue


I try to automate the creation of .ipa for development step.
I have an enterprise licence, and I use a distribution cert.

Here my code so far, I try to do the whole signing process manually :


sleep 5

open "${PROFILE_PATH}"

sleep 5

security list-keychains
security unlock-keychain -p ${PASSWORD} ${KEYCHAIN}
security -q import ${CERT_PATH}.p12 -k ${KEYCHAIN} -P ${CERT_PASS}  -T /usr/bin/codesign
security set-keychain-settings ${KEYCHAIN}
security set-key-partition-list -S apple-tool:,apple: -s -k ${PASSWORD}

# Make the archive file
  CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="iPhone Distribution" 
  -scheme ispektor 
  -workspace ./platforms/ios/myApp.xcworkspace 
  -archivePath ${ARCHIVE_PATH} 

sleep 5
# Make the IPA file 
        -archivePath ${ARCHIVE_PATH} 
        -exportPath ${IPA_PATH} 
        -exportOptionsPlist exportAppStore.plist 
        -exportOptionsPlist ${EXPORT_PATH} 

Problem : I could download the ipa file and launch it on my phone, but it open and close immediatly :

When we look logs we have ( I select the more interesting) :

Executing launch request for application ...

Submitting job ...

 <Error>: failed to get pid for label UIKitApplication: No such process (3)

 <Error>: Failed to start job for application<com.myApp.mobileApp>: <NSError: 0x100545e20; domain: NSPOSIXErrorDomain; code: 3; reason: "No such process"> {
    userInfo = {
        RBLaunchdOperation = launch_get_running_pid_4SB;
        RBLaunchdJobLabel = UIKitApplication:com.myApp.mobileApp[7207][rb-legacy];
<Notice>: Trust evaluate failure: [leaf AnchorApple ChainLength IssuerCommonName LeafMarkerOid MissingIntermediate SubjectCommonName]

Potential cause : I think this come from my initial certificate, as I import it manually on line 21, this certificate is "not trusted" .And When I do everything with xcode and set "Automatically manage signing" it works.

When I manually force "always trusted", I can’t compile :

note: Constructing build description
error: Invalid trust settings. Restore system default trust settings for certificate "iPhone Distribution: XXXX" in order to sign code with it. (in target 'myApp' from project 'myApp')

And when he said "restore" it mean trust –> untrust.

So I need to do the same as "Automatically manage signing " but with CLI.

Thanks by advance,

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The reason your distribution certificate was signed by the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Intermediate Certificate that expires in 2030, not the former one that expires on February 7, 2023. Even though it is still a few more years to 2023, the best practice for certificate renewal is to do it early, e.g., with a 3rd of its lifetime left before expiry, and then to stop signing with the previous certificate (even though it still hasn’t reached its expiry yet).

In your case, as Apple explains,

The current Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Intermediate Certificate is set to expire on February 07, 2023. The renewed certificate will be used to sign new iOS Distribution Certificates issued after September 2, 2020 for the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

So your distribution certificate was most likely issued after September 2, 2020, and therefore signed with the Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Certification Intermediate Certificate that expires in 2030.

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