Apple Pay with WorldPay integration – extracting payload


On Xamarin Forms, I am trying to send an Apple Pay payload to WorldPay (payment gateway). It has a guide on what the request should look like, and here is a short snippet:


I need to extract this mandatory data from the PKPayment object that I get in the below override

public override void DidAuthorizePayment(PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController controller, PKPayment payment, Action<PKPaymentAuthorizationStatus> completion)
        completion(obj: PKPaymentAuthorizationStatus.Success);

The only examples I found on how to handle this object, are to use a 3rd party SDK (stripe) which extracts just the ID and Token, and not all that I need.

My current code is identical to the question here.

Please let me know how can I get the data world pay requires using apple pay in Xamarin.Forms.

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