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We have prepared our corporate shopping application for android and ios.
It was released in Play store without any problem, but we are having problems with Apple store.
They examined the application and returned with the following error.

Apple Connect Message From Review:
Your app or its metadata does not appear to include final content. Specifically, your app still contains placeholder prices.

Before you submit your app to the App Store, all of its content and metadata must be final. Your app must not include placeholder or incomplete information. For example, an app with “lorem ipsum” text in the app description field will be rejected. Likewise, an app with placeholder screenshots, such as “screenshot coming soon,” will be rejected. Instead, you should only submit an app with complete information and content throughout.

These are the screenshots sent by Apple:
enter image description here
enter image description here

The places marked in the red boxes indicate the prices of the products.
I am testing the .ipa file on my real iPhone. Pictures that are not uploaded are also uploaded.
I don’t understand, what’s really the problem, should we not write the price?
Can you please help? The situation is really urgent.

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