Swift Collection view Horizontal and vertical scroll

i want to make this Collection view that can scroll horizontal and vertical….but i wanna make something like this https://giphy.com/gifs/lWshqs2BuvilYuE4Fl/html5 from what i see theres like Collection view and some segmented controll on top of that Collection view…… i mean my only problem is how can i scroll horizontal from anywhere on screen? like i […]

swift Passing data from containverView error

Heloo, i have this problem when im using contaienerView with static tableview. i want to pass my data from my main view controller to my tableview, and im having this break where it said my data is null, but it wasnt null because i already fill that data that i want to pass in. im […]

By afi permana
Categorised as firebase, firebase-realtime-database, swift, tableview

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