tvOS: Unable to scroll through UICollectionView items when it is implemented like this: UICollectionView inside UITableView

I have implemented this: By following this tutorial. Here’s the problem: I am unable to scroll through the collection items. I think this has something to do with the fact that the project I followed is for iOS and my project is for tvOS. I’ve found a somewhat similar question. An answer linked to this […]

By Ahmed Ghrib
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SWIFT: How to fix cell highlighter and make the whole collection view scroll instead of the highlighter?

I am building a TVOS app where I have this collectionView: The current cell (The cell which has scrolled to), gets highlighted in Orange. For example, here the user scrolls to the third cell: WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACHIEVE: When the user scrolls to another cell, I want the Orange square, to remain in […]

By Ahmed Ghrib
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