Self Sizing CollectionView cell not work properly after reload data

I am creating a collectionView that can have multiple sections with a self-sizing cell. it works nicely on the initial layout. but after reload, I encounter three problem Scrolling become choppy cell size changed and cell overlap with each other content offset changed after reload data here is ViewController code class ViewController: UIViewController { @IBOutlet […]

How to get calligraphy line brush effect in swift using GraphicContext

I want to add calligraphy brush effect just like shown in below Image.for drawing I am using SwiftyDrawView( Following is code snippets from SwiftyDraw /// Overriding draw(rect:) to stroke paths override open func draw(_ rect: CGRect) { super.draw(rect) guard let context: CGContext = UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() else { return } for line in lines { context.setLineCap(.round) context.setLineJoin(.round) […]

By Bhavesh iosDev
Categorised as core-graphics, ios, swift

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