AVFoundation record 10 bit HDR video on iPhone 12

iPhone 12/12 pro supports recording Dolby vision HDR video in 10 bit format instead of 8 bits but it is not clear from iOS 14.1 SDK if AVCaptureVideoDataOutput supports delivery of 10 bit sample buffers that can be appended to video file using AVAssetWriter. Has anyone figured it out whether it is possible or not […]

UICollectionView for non-grid or semi-grid layout

I am trying to implement a multi-row sequence of items (like Video editing sequence in Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere pro shown below). While I one can always implement it using UIScrollView and placing custom views manually, it would be tedious particularly in reordering items and animating changes and also zooming across the timeline […]

Inserting slowMo AVComposition into AVMutableComposition

PHPhotoLibrary gives an AVComposition rather than an AVURLAsset for a video recorded in SlowMo. I want to insert slowMo videos into another AVMutableComposition, so this means I need to insert this AVComposition into AVMutableComposition which is my editing timeline. The hack I used before was to load the tracks and segments and find the mediaURL […]

RemoteIO Unit remove background noise

Is there a way to remove background noise from audio samples coming from microphone(RemoteIO Unit) like Apple does it in AirPods during phone call? Which AudioUnit is most effective to achieve this? Source: Ios

By Deepak Sharma
Categorised as audiounit, core-audio, ios, remoteio

UIView pan Gesture conflict with system gesture

I am installing a UIPanGestureRecognizer on the main view as follows: panGesture = UIPanGestureRecognizer(target: self, action: #selector(previewPanned(_:)) panGesture?.minimumNumberOfTouches = 1 panGesture?.maximumNumberOfTouches = 1 view.addGestureRecognizer(panGesture!) The problem is it gets simultaneously recognised with the system swipe gesture on home indicator to dismiss the app. How do I avoid this conflict? EDIT: The problem arises when I […]

iOS Files App Registration with file types

I store video files in the Documents folder of my app. I need to present an option that enables users to copy video files from Documents folder to iOS Files app. I also want to automatically have a folder for my app in iOS files app (as seen in the screenshot). I tried registering Document […]

By Deepak Sharma
Categorised as ios, uidocumentinteractioncontroller, uikit, xcode

AVCaptureVideoDataOutput and AVCaptureAudioDataOutput same queue

One of the recent sample codes from Apple uses same serial queue for receiving samples from AVCaptureVideoDataOutput and AVCaptureAudioDataOutput delegate. I need to know if this is acceptable practice from performance standpoint. Should one have different or single queue for both the sample buffer delegates? Particularly in the setting of multiple camera inputs/outputs, this becomes […]

AVVideoCompressionPropertiesKey crash

I am doing real time video recording using AVAssetWriter and AVCaptureVideoDataOutput. I see many crash reports on user devices but can not reproduce it on any of my devices. I need info on what could be going wrong in code below. It happens probably because typecast of NSDictionary to [String:AnyObject] fails. In the class I […]

By Deepak Sharma
Categorised as avassetwriter, avfoundation, ios, swift

Autorotation bug in iOS 13

iOS 13/13.1 autorotation seems to be behave differently than iOS 12. For instance, my app allows user to lock interface orientation to portrait or landscape mode in settings. If I have portrait rotation lock on device and return .landscape in supportedInterfaceOrientations, the interface remains in portrait mode until I disable portrait lock orientation on device. […]

By Deepak Sharma
Categorised as autolayout, autorotate, ios, swift, uiviewcontroller

CIImage display MTKView vs GLKView performance

I have a series of UIImages (made from incoming jpeg Data from server) that I wish to render using MTKView. Problem is it is too slow compared to GLKView. There is lot of buffering and delay when I have a series of images to display in MTKView but no delay in GLKView. Here is MTKView […]

By Deepak Sharma
Categorised as core-image, glkview, ios, metalkit, opengl-es

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