Drag to dismiss a UIPresentationController

I have made a UIPresentationController that fits any view controller and shows up on half of the screen using this tutorial. Now I would love to add drag to dismiss to this. I’m trying to have the drag feel natural and responsive like the drag experience for "Top Stories" on the Apple iOS 13 stocks […]

DatePicker on Mac not saving date until return key is pressed

I’m adapting my iPad app to Mac with Mac Catalyst and am having a problem with the datePicker (it has a datePickerMode of time). On iPad the datePicker is a wheel and whenever the user scrolls on the date picker the dateChanged action is fired. But on Mac the date picker is not a scroller […]

By fphelp
Categorised as datepicker, maccatalyst, macos, swift

Setting local notifications on all devices Swift

I have added date triggered local notifications to my app and now I want the user to be able to get the notification they set on one device on all of their devices that have the app. I save the notification they set in a core data entity (saving the notifcation identifier and date it’s […]

By fphelp
Categorised as icloud, ios, notifications, swift, xcode

Accessing view controller methods inside another class [Swift]

I am using UITableViewDiffableDataSource for my table view’s dataSource by creating a UITableViewDiffableDataSource class inside my ViewController (AnimalsVC). Whenever I try to get my ViewController’s data array (or any variables/functions) from inside my data source class I get this error: Instance member ‘animalsArray’ of type ‘AnimalsVC’ cannot be used on an instance of nested type […]

By fphelp
Categorised as datasource, ios, swift, uitableview

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