Getting Error "No Ad To Show" When Implementing AdMob into Swift App

I am trying to do the (seemingly) simple task of integrating Native AdMob ads into my iOS app running on Swift. Let me first show you my storyboards and code for integration and then we’ll move on to things I’ve tried to fix it. Set-Up: Storyboards and Code In my App Delegate, I configure Firebase […]

By Jacob Cavin
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Some GADUnifiedNativeAdViews Are Not Clickable (AdMob/Swift)

I am implementing AdMob’s Native Advanced ads into my iOS app. I use a UICollectionViewCell that contains a GADUnifiedNativeAdView​ and from there, I set up my ads in the viewDidLoad() and cellForItemAt()​… The Code override func viewDidLoad() { let adUnitID = "ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/3986624511" let numAdsToLoad = 5 let options = GADMultipleAdsAdLoaderOptions() options.numberOfAds = numAdsToLoad let adOptions […]

By Jacob Cavin
Categorised as admob, ios, swift, uicollectionview

Get Connected AirPlay Device Name

I want to get the name of the AirPlay or Bluetooth device my iPhone is connected to. I have somewhat achieved this with the following code… let currentRoute = AVAudioSession.sharedInstance().currentRoute for output in currentRoute.outputs { print(“Connected port name: (output.portName)”) } But, whenever my iPhone is connected to an AirPlay device such as a HomePod or […]

By Jacob Cavin
Categorised as airplay, avaudiosession, swift

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