Swift chart library. How to display X axis dates in a right places

EDITED: This is a debug video as well. I use this library to show charts in my Swift iOS app. This is my chart: X axis is for dates and Y axis is for lifted weight for my athletes. The ocean blue dots in the middle of the charts that you see it is an […]

By Matrosov Alexander
Categorised as charts, ios, ios-charts, mpandroidchart, swift

CoreStore sectioned list monitor how to specify .where clause in runtime

I have this code in my init method: self.monitor = CoreStore.monitorSectionedList( From<ListEntityType>() .sectionBy(#keyPath(ListEntityType.muscle.name)) { (sectionName) -> String? in return “(String(describing: sectionName)) years old” } .orderBy(.ascending(#keyPath(ListEntityType.muscle.name)), .ascending(.name)) ) I want to somehow add to this monitor .where condition in runtime. ListEntityType is a type alias of an entity called Exercise. So each Exercise contains one to […]

By Matrosov Alexander
Categorised as core-data, corestore, ios, nspredicate, swift

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