Visual Studio MAC issue running app on IPAD

I’m trying to run my app only connected iPad , I have created the developer install certificates and all other certificates that I need ( I think ) and I see the iPad in my devices to run on, but when I go to run the app on the iPad I get the below error […]

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SecKeyCreateSignature give Bad Access with privateKey

I am recieving Bad Access when trying to create a signature with xcode SecKeyCreateSignature. This flows with biometric enrollment in a webview. When the user hits the enrollment page the device sends to the webview the device Id and a public key. To generate the key I have… private let tag = "com.CustomTagName.private", deviceId = […]

By Mike
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Target pattern contains no ‘%’. Makefile

I have searched this problem in google, but still don’t have some way to resolve a problem. I have 2 Makefiles: One as example and one as my file. Example: BINDDIR=/src/binding XBUILD=/Applications/ PROJECT_ROOT=XMBindingLibrarySample PROJECT=$(PROJECT_ROOT)/XMBindingLibrarySample.xcodeproj TARGET=XMBindingLibrarySample BTOUCH=/Developer/MonoTouch/usr/bin/btouch XMBindingLibrary.dll libXMBindingLibrarySample-i386.a: $(XBUILD) -project $(PROJECT) -target $(TARGET) -sdk iphonesimulator -configuration Release clean build -mv $(PROJECT_ROOT)/build/Release-iphonesimulator/lib$(TARGET).a [email protected] libXMBindingLibrarySample-armv6.a: $(XBUILD) -project […]

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