MessageKit Collection View doesn’t display any cells after adding support for a custom cell`

I’ve read through the guide for creating a custom cell in MessageKit here, and SO questions like this I’m trying to create a custom cell; here’s my code for a cell that inherits from a UICollectionViewCell: import UIKit import MessageKit open class ChatReferenceCell: UICollectionViewCell { @IBOutlet weak var authorLabel: UILabel! @IBOutlet weak var referenceText: UITextView! […]

Displaying and Playing MPMediaItem songs in retrieved + last played order

I’m building an app that makes use of MPMusicPlayerApplicationController to play music from a user’s local music library. The songs from the library are retrieved like so: func retrieveMusic() { mediaQueryQueue.async { let songsQuery = MPMediaQuery.songs() let songsCollections = songsQuery.collections for songCollection in songsCollections ?? [] { let songs = songCollection.items self.retrievedSongs.append(contentsOf: songs) } DispatchQueue.main.async […]

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