Build fails VS 2019 – Could not find part of the path .nib

I can build the solution fine in macOS but in VS 2019 (latest) but cannot build the same solution in VS 2019. Latest stables installed, latest versions of VS 2019 and VS for Mac. I keep getting the error below. Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error CS1566 Error reading resource ‘__monotouch_content_Bugreport.storyboardc_fFeedbackNavController.nib’ — […]

By Neal
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How to make a UIDatePicker appear at bottom of screen?

I currently use MonoTouch with MonoTouch.Dialog. When tapping on a date field it pushes the navigationcontroller so you go right a screen to see your UIDatePicker where you choose the date then go “back” to the main screen again. I’d really like to have this UI like other apps I’ve used that when you select […]

By Neal
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