Implement Notification Service and Content Extension in Dynamic Framework

I have implemented Extension Notification Service and Notification Content Extension in my demo app and it’s working absolutely fine. Now, I have to implement it in my framework. Means I’m working on dynamic framework which are support as like chat application. In framework all screens are created programatically, Its doesn’t contains any storyboard or XIB. […]

By Sagar Chauhan
Categorised as ios10, notifications, swift

Background Fetch at Specific Time

I am looking for solution to get data in background mode even app is terminated. There are lots of tutorials and answers available for this questions, but my questions is different than other. I haven’t find any proper solution on stackoverflow, so posted this question. I have scenario which I can explain. I’m using realm […]

By Sagar Chauhan
Categorised as background-fetch, ios, swift, xcode9.2

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