Limit number of UICloudSharingController shared users?

I’m investigating leveraging the CKShare functionality provided in CloudKit to share data across multiple users in my iOS app. However, I only want a user to be able to share with a limited number of users. Is there a way to constrain UICloudSharingController to a maximum number of X users? I don’t see any properties […]

By Shadowman
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MacOS PhotoKit – List all user-created Smart Albums?

I’ve started playing around with macOS development for the first time. I’m trying to query the list of Smart Albums I’ve created in the macOS Photos app. As you can see in this screenshot, I’ve defined 18 Smart Albums and 1 regular Album. However, when I fetch the Smart Album PHAssetCollections I do not see […]

By Shadowman
Categorised as macos, phassetcollection, photokit, swift

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