How to present a UICollectionView in SwiftUI with UIViewControllerRepresentable

Firstly, I know there are options for using SwiftUI Lists etc… to get similar effects. But I need the automatic scrolling capabilities of a UICollectionView so I’d really like to just implement an “old school” version. I don’t even want the compositional layout version ideally. My current code looks like this: import SwiftUI struct CollectionView: […]

By Simon
Categorised as swift, swiftui, uicollectionview

Trigger iOS dark keyboard from HTML input

I am writing a web app (for the iPad) which has a night mode, which inverts the colours to white text on a black background for use in low light. However, the inputs trigger the standard iOS keyboard, which is glaringly bright. I already know how to trigger the numeric keyboard, but is there a […]

By Simon
Categorised as css, html, ios, keyboard

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