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CBPeripheral being disconnected with UnknownError Code=0 after calling writeValue

I’m developing an app that uses Bluetooth to communicate with Smart Devices. It needs to authorise iPhone with such scheme: Scanning devices with some filters of services UUIDs Connecting to a device, discovering services, discovering characteristics Calling read operation to retrieve public keys Exchange received public keys (using ECDH) Generate token Write encrypted token (using […]

By ChooGoo
Categorised as aes, bluetooth, swift, xcode

AES256 Issue using swift 5

I am using AES256 algorithm CBC mode with pkc7 padding. I have backend in Node.js. But getting first 12 random characters. Here is my swift code: func encrypt(data: Data, key: Data, iv: Data) throws -> Data? { // Output buffer (with padding) let outputLength = data.count + kCCBlockSizeAES128 var outputBuffer = Array<UInt8>(repeating: 0, count: outputLength) […]

By anshul king
Categorised as aes, encryption, node-crypto, node.js, swift

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