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Programmatically add a credit/bank card to a user’s apple wallet

I work for a bank and I am working on a project that programmatically add a user’s credit/bank card to their apple wallet. The card has been issued by our bank. Our app already has the entitlement I am able to populate the config and call PKAddPaymentPassViewController. The modal loads correctly and once the […]

By coder
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Unable to access Phone no, First-Last Name, Street from PKContact inside PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController delegate method didSelectShippingContact

I am integrating Apple Pay using PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController and its delegate methods. When user changes the Address the below delegate method gets triggered: – (void)paymentAuthorizationViewController:(PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController *)controller didSelectShippingContact:(PKContact *)contact completion:(void (^)(PKPaymentAuthorizationStatus status, NSArray<PKShippingMethod *> *shippingMethods, NSArray<PKPaymentSummaryItem *> *summaryItems))completion When I try to access the Phone number from ‘contact’ it is always empty also the name (given name, […]

By Suraj Mirajkar
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How to use ITF barcode for wallet passes?

Apple’s documentation for passes sais For the barcode dictionary, you can use only the following values: PKBarcodeFormatQR, PKBarcodeFormatPDF417, or PKBarcodeFormatAztec. For dictionaries in the barcodes array, you may also use PKBarcodeFormatCode128. Is it somehow possible to use ITF barcodes with passes? Asking specifically for storeCard type and without possibility to use logo, icon or strip […]

By kai-dj
Categorised as applepay, ios, wallet

iOS ApplePay PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController not appearing in Xcode11/iOS 13

Our application has had ApplePay implemented for a number of years. Just recently I hit the button to trigger it to only find out the pay sheet from PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController doesn’t appear. It won’t slide up in a sandbox (i.e. simulator or device connected to Xcode) environment, but putting a breakpoint shows that it is being […]

By MarkPowell
Categorised as applepay, ios, swift

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