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Record video of Xcode Simulator WITH AUDIO?

I need to record a video of my app to use for the Preview in the App Store. It’s crucial for me to feature the actual app audio (since it’s an interactive educational app for musicians). Xcode Simulator 12.5 has the great new feature of easily recording video… but the recorded video doesn’t include sound. Does […]

By Anton
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Intermittent crashes with audio in react-native

Crashing when audio is played: I am creating an app with several different screens of audio clips. We are testing out the app on iPhone/iPad using Testflight and are getting intermittent crashes when audio clips are played. There seems to be nothing wrong with the audio clips themselves as most of the time they work […]

By kojow7
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MPVolumeView not suppressing default system volume UI after showing an AVPlayerViewController

Have run into an issue where iOS’ MPVolumeView no longer suppresses the system volume UI when the device’s volume up/down buttons are pressed. My understanding is that the presence of an MPVolumeView on the screen should suppress iOS’ default volume UI, but it doesn’t in this instance. Everything works as expected on load of the […]

By Richard Viney
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Audio Player in swift is not getting value of volume and pitch

I am trying to make an audio player in SwiftUI, Audio player should have these functionality. Play/Stop Audio Play in loop Change volume through slider Change audio pitch through slider. There are two problem currently I am facing audio player is not using volume and pitch slider value While I stop and play and change […]

By Varun Naharia
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How to record audio with a certain threshold filter in swift

I need to add this functionality in one of my app in swift, I want the user to adjust the threshold and so it’ll be only recorded when it crosses the limit set by the user and stop automatically or in a given time when the user stops. It would be great if you can […]

By tryKuldeepTanwar
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Getting strange frequency readings on AKFrequencyTracker attached to a Focusrite 2i2

I’m seeing an issue when using an AKFrequencyTracker that when connected to an audio interface I see erroneous high frequency readings around 47kHz while playing a connected guitar. I don’t have to play anything and I see the high frequencies. The amplitude seems to track to what it should be based on the input from […]

By crackity jones
Categorised as audio, audiokit, ios, macos

flutter audio_manager ios delay in player when playing next song

screen capture of my ios device showing the issue I’m using the following library audio_manager, as it is quite new, is working for ios and android and actually has notification handling. On android it uses android mediaplayer, on ios it uses AVplayer. If you’re adding the given example there and change the list of songs […]

By Marcel Dz
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Merge multi channel audio buffers into one CMSampleBuffer

I am using FFmpeg to access an RTSP stream in my macOS app. REACHED GOALS: I have created a tone generator which creates single channel audio and returns a CMSampleBuffer. The tone generator is used to test my audio pipeline when the video’s fps and audio sample rates are changed. GOAL: The goal is to […]

By Darkwonder
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Record and playback using bluetooth earphone’s mic & internal speaker in Swift

I currently have a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. From this post, I have the code needed to retrieve audio from the Bluetooth earbuds’ microphone and then playback the audio through the Bluetooth earbuds. However, I want to modify the code so that I can retrieve audio from the Bluetooth earbuds’ microphone and then playback the […]

By Nikhil Sridhar
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AKMetronome hides AKMIDISampler on beat 1 when connected through AKMixer

I set up a mixer so I could output both a metronome and a drum sequencer at the same time. During the first loop, all the notes of the drum sequence play perfectly well, the metronome clicking in sync. Upon the second loop, at beat 1, the metronome seems to hide the drums sounds so […]

By Marcus Kim
Categorised as audio, audiokit, ios, swift, xcode
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