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How to fix exception Device xxx disconnected while writing characteristic with yyy in xamarin forms?

I am creating a BLE app where I am successfully connecting to a BLE device. I am able to read the GATT characteristics as well. But when I try to do write operation I get exception Device xxx disconnected while writing characteristic with yyy This is my code private async Task<string> ProcessDeviceInformationService(IService deviceInfoService) { try […]

Launch app in background when BLE device is in range

I’m making an iOS app to support a Bluetooth LE device. First time the app launches, we pair, but after that I want to communicate with the device whenever it is in range. Using background modes, this works fine for when the app is launched and goes into background and the screen is turned off. […]

By niklassaers
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Printing the CBCharacteristic._handle value in Swift

I have some wireshark logs which show characteristic read writes by handle value. I wanted to dump a map of each characteristic handle value into it’s GUID representation. I’ve tried using Mirror(reflecting: characteristic) but the returned Mirror instance’s children collection is empty (which is also weird since the characteristic has a bunch of public/private properties). […]

By Paperino
Categorised as bluetooth-lowenergy, mirror, swift

How to clone BLE device (configurations,charcterstics etc)and share it with other

I am working on an app that gets data from the BLE device, I am able to code to get the app to connect with the BLE device. But further characteristics read is an issue as I don’t physically have the device i came across an app named nRF Connect for Mobile . It has […]

By Shekhu
Categorised as bluetooth-lowenergy, clone, emulation, ios

iOS Background BLE advertising not detectable by Android

When an iOS BLE peripheral enters the background state, the advertising packets are not emitted in the regular manner and they are placed in a special “overflow” area which is only detectable by another iOS device explicitly looking for this device. The bluetooth-peripheral Background Execution Mode That said, you should be aware that advertising while […]

Do iOS BLE Connection Parameters also apply to iOS Slave/Peripheral?

Apple provides requirements on BLE connection parameters: Do these assume the iOS device is in master (central) mode, or do they also apply to slave (peripheral) mode? Given that the master ultimately defines the connection parameters (i.e. it can reject parameter adjustment requests from slave), if a non-iOS master specifies “non-compatible” connection parameters, does […]

By abc
Categorised as bluetooth-lowenergy, connection, ios

Flutter Ble Advertisement

I need to broadcast custom ble advertisement data from an ios/android device to many custom BLE Devices. My goal is to set the bytes of the ble adv package to broadcast it to ble devices nearby. As far as is i know i need to set the payload of the advertise package of my ios […]

By TUser481
Categorised as android, bluetooth, bluetooth-lowenergy, flutter, ios

How to transfer images via Bluetooth (LE) to a desktop application

We are currently trying to implement the transmission of images from a mobile device (in this case an IPhone) to a desktop application. We tried already the Bluetooth Serial plugin which works fine for Android but does not list any devices when scanning for our desktop application. To cover iOS support (AFAIK iOS only supports […]

By Entertain
Categorised as android, bluetooth, bluetooth-lowenergy, ionic-framework, ios

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