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Listen to a key/button press from a BT remote control/device connected to an iPhone (via bluetooth)

We have a requirement to develop an app that will be controlled by a remote control Bluetooth device. The device/remote is already working with Android, and now we need to find a way to get the buttons press events. This what I’ve found out so far: I’ve tried to connect with CoreBluetooth and only got […]

By Yonathan Goriachnick
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Remote bluetooth camera trigger for phone

I would like to build a camera trigger for my phone by simulating a BLE keyboard that sends the Volume Up key to the phone connected by Bluetooth. I want this because I want to trigger the native Camera app, and not an embedded camera view. I’m agnostic about technology used but ideally for simplicity […]

By ajf-
Categorised as bluetooth, hid, node.js, python, swift

Background Scan for Bluetooth Devices (inc. Apple AirPods) with known Peripheral UUID

In my iOS app, When I scan for Bluetooth devices, I see Peripheral UUID and other data from each nearby device, like below: (uuid: 58B95943-A57E-F818-D3CC-9F8122C64D88, name: “iPad Pro”), advertisementPacket: [“kCBAdvDataRxSecondaryPHY”: 0, “kCBAdvDataRxPrimaryPHY”: 1, “kCBAdvDataIsConnectable”: 1, “kCBAdvDataTimestamp”: 612132622.292843, “kCBAdvDataTxPowerLevel”: 12], rssi: -37 I then wish to continue scanning for a single device with specific UUID in […]

By Kashif
Categorised as bluetooth, core-bluetooth, ios, swift

Can iPhone connect to Mac or another iPhone through Bluetooth Classic ( not BLE )

I want to create a simulator to test the connection between the accessory ( which is already registered for MFi ) and my App. Currently, I’m using Bluetooth Classic. I have researched a lot but there’s no answer and the document from Apple doesn’t say that it can be done or not. Anyone have any […]

By King lbt
Categorised as bluetooth, external-accessory, ios, ios-bluetooth, macos

CBPeripheral being disconnected with UnknownError Code=0 after calling writeValue

I’m developing an app that uses Bluetooth to communicate with Smart Devices. It needs to authorise iPhone with such scheme: Scanning devices with some filters of services UUIDs Connecting to a device, discovering services, discovering characteristics Calling read operation to retrieve public keys Exchange received public keys (using ECDH) Generate token Write encrypted token (using […]

By ChooGoo
Categorised as aes, bluetooth, swift, xcode

How Can I set timeout interval when use bluetooth

When I use bluetooth to write data, I hope get response. But when the peripheral goes wrong, it doesn’t send notification. I need set a timeout interval to handle this bad interaction. Like we use urlrequest: /// Creates and initializes a URLRequest with the given URL and cache policy. /// – parameter: url The URL […]

By dowZhang
Categorised as bluetooth, ios

Record and playback using bluetooth earphone’s mic & internal speaker in Swift

I currently have a pair of Bluetooth earbuds. From this post, I have the code needed to retrieve audio from the Bluetooth earbuds’ microphone and then playback the audio through the Bluetooth earbuds. However, I want to modify the code so that I can retrieve audio from the Bluetooth earbuds’ microphone and then playback the […]

By Nikhil Sridhar
Categorised as audio, avfoundation, bluetooth, ios, swift

Integrate Sandisk Connect Wireless Stick in ios

I want to connect the Sandisk Connect Wireless stick in ios app via Bluetooth or wifi and fetch all files from that storage device in my ios app. As I have done much research regarding this, but I am unable to find any single code for connecting a wireless storage device in my ios app. […]

By Ravi B
Categorised as bluetooth, ios, storage, wireless

iBeacon monitoring/ranging issues with iPhone 11 and/or iOS 13

Edit: Issue may be related to iOS13 – Detect if bluetooth is enabled without prompting bluetooth usage request We have received reports from our users that use iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro that our application is unable to monitor/range iBeacons. We haven’t received a report for any other device/model. We are assuming that this […]

By Onur evik
Categorised as bluetooth, ibeacon, ios, iphone, swift

Flutter Ble Advertisement

I need to broadcast custom ble advertisement data from an ios/android device to many custom BLE Devices. My goal is to set the bytes of the ble adv package to broadcast it to ble devices nearby. As far as is i know i need to set the payload of the advertise package of my ios […]

By TUser481
Categorised as android, bluetooth, bluetooth-lowenergy, flutter, ios
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