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How to transfer images via Bluetooth (LE) to a desktop application

We are currently trying to implement the transmission of images from a mobile device (in this case an IPhone) to a desktop application. We tried already the Bluetooth Serial plugin which works fine for Android but does not list any devices when scanning for our desktop application. To cover iOS support (AFAIK iOS only supports […]

By Entertain
Categorised as android, bluetooth, bluetooth-lowenergy, ionic-framework, ios

App discovers bluetooth devices only when ran from Xcode

I’m working with a fork of this project for Empatica E4 wristbands and I’m unable to make the discover devices work without running the app from Xcode. The situation can be replicated with the original sample project. When I ran the project through Xcode, I can see the list of nearby devices. However, when I […]

By Carlos Vega
Categorised as bluetooth, ios, swift
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