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Cannot find protocol declaration for ‘UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate’

I have a an iOS app using Firebase for notifications. Notifications are set up and working, and I now need to receive/handle the notifications to present view controllers accordingly. I use Objective C code to call my C++ code, and therefore I have a bridging header in my project. I have used this example from […]

Why internal classes appear in ProductName-Swift.h? May I change this file manually?

I build Swift framework that is dependent on another Objective C framework (so, the project contains bridging header file). When I open auto-generated ProductName-Swift.h file inside my framework’s headers I see that classes that I would not like to expose (those with internal modifier). According to Apple docs it’s legit: By default, the generated header […]

By Boris
Categorised as bridging-header, ios, objective-c, swift

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