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How to send iOS – APN Notification With P12 Certificate – C# Samples

I am new to IOS APN – Notification generating service , Please help on How we can send APN from C# Windows Service – .Net Framework 4.5 / 4.7? Tired with Moon-APN , Pushsharp , DotAPN but no result. If any one have sample code with step by step process please share . Thanks in […]

Cmake – cross compiling C++ project for iOS

There is no quite a good tutorial for Cmake integration for iOS projects. There are very few found on internet, but lags information. I have a C++ project and I want to cross compile it for my iOS project. I am really not an expert in C++ and Cmake topics. Though, I followed a blog […]

By iOS
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Cocos2d-x Display resolution problem in in iPad Air(4th Gen) and iPadPro 11 inch

I used resource of 2048×1536 for all iPad device. Resolution is not perfect in iPad Air(4th Gen) and iPadPro 11 inch. In all other iPad display correct. Tested in Cocos2dx v4.0 Here is my code: if (MyGameBridge::sharedGameBridge()->IsIpad()) { auto designSize = Size(1024, 768); auto resourceSize = Size(2048, 1536); director->setContentScaleFactor(resourceSize.height/designSize.height); searchPaths.push_back("Data/iPad"); } Something wrong in my […]

By Guru
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Couldn’t add Apple Id into Visual Studio 2019

I have read similar questions but they doesn’t fit my situation. So I have developer Apple Id account (and I agreed with Apple terms&conditions) and I can use it on the Mac both in XCode and Visual Studio. But when I’m trying to add the same account into Visual Studio on my desktop: I get […]

By Miamy
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Embedding files in an iOS app (C++/Qt/cmake)

In an iOS c++/Qt application, I need to ship a few files and to keep them in their directory structure. For the Android version, we bundle a zip which we unzip on the target before creating the QApplication. On iOS, it seems that CMake is not capable of bundling files in a tree: […]

By Denis Rouzaud
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How to fix exception Device xxx disconnected while writing characteristic with yyy in xamarin forms?

I am creating a BLE app where I am successfully connecting to a BLE device. I am able to read the GATT characteristics as well. But when I try to do write operation I get exception Device xxx disconnected while writing characteristic with yyy This is my code private async Task<string> ProcessDeviceInformationService(IService deviceInfoService) { try […]

ARKit Body Tracking using Xamarin and C# Inaccurate

I am trying to translate some Swift examples (such as this one to C# that show how to use ARKit Body Tracking. But I don’t quite seem able to position the joint nodes correctly over the corresponding joints. They follow my body movements, but the position of the nodes seem to be incorrect. Can […]

By Lee Englestone
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XCode Build System: Messing up preprocessors definitions and included header files?

First question here. I have some troubles with the XCode Build System, specifically with preprocessor definitions. I’m trying to define a macro that is used as part of a header file to conditionnaly select which code to compile. The usual way to go would be to use #define CONFIG and then include the header on […]

By OpSocket
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Undefined symbols for architecture arm64 after linking a static library in iOS app

I am creating a sample static library to be used in my iOS app, however, when calling the static library’s methods, I ran into a linker error: Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: "_doMath", referenced from: _doMathInterface in libTestMain.a(Test.o) (maybe you meant: _doMathInterface) ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64 clang: error: linker command failed with […]

By zfgo
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How to start "Chrome" (or equivalent) as a thread instead of process?

We have an app, which is written in Qt/C++. Its GUI is in Html/Css/JS. The app works well on the Chrome & Edge. On desktops, the app invokes the OS browser as a separate process. The browser connects via Websocket to the app and exchange the messages for the display purposes. This works well. However, […]

By iammilind
Categorised as android, browser, c++, ios, qt
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