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run application without GUI on iOS?

I have C++ library that I want include into my iOS application. It has unit tests, if I simply put it, it something like: #include <cstdio> int main() { printf(“Test resultn”); } is it possible to run such application that uses only stdin/stdout on arm64 based device to make sure that all compile and work […]

By user1244932
Categorised as c++, ios, iphone

Detect AVPlayerItem Status change

This is my (Xamarin C#) code: (player is an AVPlayer.) var v = NSNotificationCenter.DefaultCenter.AddObserver(new NSString(“Status”), ReadyNow, player.CurrentItem); It never calls ReadyNow(NSNotification obj) even though the player plays fine. How do I fix it to call the method? (I don’t know if the error is in the Xamarin/C# part or in the object I’m using etc. […]

By ispiro
Categorised as c++, ios, xamarin, xamarin.ios

How to prevent my app’s window from going to another monitor (Electron + macOS)

I’ve got an app that programmatically moves its window around the user’s screen. My problem: User has two physical monitors User starts app in primary monitor App moves window, causing more of it to “overflow” into the secondary monitor than is on the primary monitor This causes the app’s window to entirely jump to that […]

By sr3
Categorised as c++, core-graphics, electron, macos, swift

Building a header only framework for iOS with Bazel (to be consumed by a native iOS implementation)

Summary I am currently trying to build a header only C++ (17) library for iOS. This library should output a .framework which should be consumable in a standard iOS application. The library also (of course) has other dependencies which do have source files. Background The existing setup uses Bazel, and up until this point has […]

By WoodyDev
Categorised as bazel, c++, cmake, ios, xcode

Apple Match-O Linker Error / clang: error: no such file or directory – Xcode 11

I am working on a React Native application and whenever I try to build the application I am encountering these errors. I know there are many similar questions on this matter but the solutions given there are not working for me. clang: error: no such file or directory: ‘/Users/FaisalHussain/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/blonk-eatmzbgmhuzfadfqxgotpiqwsapb/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/libRCTRestart.a’ clang: error: no such file or […]

Categorised as c++, clang, ios, react-native, xcode

What exactly does iOS 13 Safari AA zoom do?

On iPhone IOS 13 and iPadOS, Safari has tappable “AA”on the left of the web address bar. Tapping it allows the user to enlarge or decrease the text and other element size. If we decided our website actually looked better at 115% on iPhones and iPads after playing with that AA feature, what would we […]

By user1946932
Categorised as c++, html, ios, ios13, safari

How can I set a weekly repeat push notifications in Unity (C#, currently targeting iOS)?

I am currently in the process of setting up push notifications for our app written in Unity (C#). Code in draft below. (In summary: I get a user’s current time at which he has logged in, and assign that time as the push notification time for its corresponding day of the week. If there are […]

By Mike Pandolfini
Categorised as c++, datetime, ios, push-notification, unity3d

Xamarin.iOS app crashes on startup with iPhone5 when downloaded from app store. DYLD, Library not loaded error.-+

I am working on a Xamarin application. The app works fine when deployed Ad-Hoc on my iPhone5. The App works fine on iPad and iPhone6 both in Ad-Hoc and App Store versions. However, I get an instant crash when I try to start the App Store/TestFlight version on my iPhone 5. Here is the crash […]

By johnny the programmer
Categorised as app-store, c++, ios, xamarin

Create UDP server using C++ to embed in cross platform iOS and Android app

I am developing a cross-platform mobile game (iOS and Android) using cocos2d-x. Most of my code is written in C++, with OS specific code in Objective-C / Java / Swift using a bridge. I was wondering if anyone has used any C++ library to host a UDP server within their app ? EDIT: So far […]

By Kaizer Sozay
Categorised as android, c++, c++11, cocos2d-x, ios

Check if SSH Private Key is Encrypted

Key pairs generated with ssh-keygen on macOS can have different formats. The standard PEM ASN.1 object which is readable by macOS’ SecKey APIs A PEM with textual headers OpenSSH Keys OpenSSH Encrypted Keys OpenSSH/BSD uses this non-standardized format here. Now I only need to be able to check if a private key has a passphrase […]

By Erik Aigner
Categorised as c++, macos, ssh, swift
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