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Call C functions from Swift 4

I’ve generated C code from MATLAB by using the codegen tool. The function can be described as follows: function [result] = calculate_data(my_matrix) for idx = 1:length(my_matrix) result = result + sum(my_matrix(idx,1:3)); end end When using the codegen tool, I explicitly stated that my_matrix is a type of double(:inf, 3). In other words, the number of […]

By angryip
Categorised as c++, matlab, swift

Trying to debug native iOS App with VS 2019

I’m trying to use V22019 to install and debug a native iOS project. I ‘ve followed instructions from here, installed Node from here. The app builds and installs to my device (note: only over USB. If trying in WiFi mode, I got an error Failed to fetch the first device. Reason: Cannot read property ‘name’ […]

By Michael Chourdakis
Categorised as c++, ios, visual-studio

Fix for ScrollRect multi-touch in Unity?

Currently, ScrollRect is extremely buggy when it comes to multi-touch on mobile devices. If you try it out yourself, you will see that whenever you place two fingers on the screen, the content will jump around, and produce some unexpected behaviour. Are there any solutions to this? Currently, this is the only solution I have […]

By Daniel
Categorised as android, c++, ios, unity3d

Cross-App Keychain Access, where to configure?

I am currently developing multiple cross-plattform apps which (under iOS) use some shared keychain entries. My current project started on android and after we had a working version I continued working on the iOS version. I imported our keychain access code from earlier projects to access our shared login-data. Only this time the queries always […]

By Brandtware
Categorised as c++, ios, keychain, xamarin, xamarin.forms

Xamarin Forms – CustomRenderer Not Working After Navigating Away

I have a custom renderer in my iOS Native code for my main page. It works perfectly fine when the app start up, and renders Navbar items using the iOS System icons which is what I want. However, if I navigate away from the main page, when I navigate back the RightBarButtonItems array only contains […]

By Luke
Categorised as c++, ios, xamarin, xamarin.forms, xamarin.ios

How does one create a project to create a Nuget package for Xamarin Forms supporting iOS, Android, and UWP?

It feels like no one in the world has done this. I can’t find any tutorials or help on how to create this. What I’m trying to do is create my own plugin, let’s say to add notifications to Xamarin forms, that will work on Android, iOS, and UWP. Every mention of this I see […]

By SolidSnake4444
Categorised as android, c++, ios, xamarin, xamarin.forms
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