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Unable to handle the cancel VOIP push comes after rejecting the incoming call push

I have already developed a VOIP call app that uses pushkit for VOIP push notification. Our notification server is designed to deliver all cancel notifications along with new incoming call notifications through VOIP push (This behavior can’t be changed as of now). Since it has become mandatory to report all incoming push notifications to callkit […]

React Native CallKeep isCallActive using CXCallObserver

I am using to implement a VOIP app in React Native. It has a built in method for checking if a Call is going by passing the uuid to method isCallActive, it didn’t work correctly for me so i have implement my own native module to check using the same code with promise: RCT_EXPORT_METHOD(isCallActive: […]

By Waleed
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How to enable Ios Callkit Call Directory extension

I am trying to add the Callkit Call Directory extension to my React Native app so that I can add additional numbers that will show with caller id (populated from my app). The Callkit documentation states: "Before a Call Directory extension can operate on incoming calls, the user must explicitly enable the extension in the […]

CallKit not dialing anything

Based on various sources, I have implemented CallKit like below, but my app is not dialing. Any ideas? No errors are being reported. Here is what I have: let provider = CXProvider(configuration: CXProviderConfiguration(localizedName: "My App")) provider.setDelegate(self, queue: nil) let controller = CXCallController() let transaction = CXTransaction(action: CXStartCallAction(call: UUID(), handle: CXHandle(type: .phoneNumber, value: "5555555555"))) self.controller.request(self.transaction, completion: […]

By user3371568
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VoIP pushes stop being delivered to the app if app killed with iOS 13

There’s been a longstanding issue with VoIP pushes not being delivered to the app if the app has been terminated and the device rebooted: PushKit notification not arriving after application kill AND device reboot However with iOS 13 I’m seeing that they are not being delivered if the app is terminated without the phone being […]

By Gruntcakes
Categorised as callkit, ios, push-notification

CallKit :- Callkit is working but the callee doesn’t get the call

I want to develop an SOS application. When I am trying to use URL schema openURL(), it will display an alert but my requirement is to connect the call without any alert or popup while trying to call. So I found a solution using CallKit. When I implemented CallKit in my application it does not […]

By Adarsh KC
Categorised as callkit, openurl, swift, xcode

App doesn’t route audio to headphones (initially)

I have a VOIP app implemented using the Sinch SDK and CallKit. Everything works fine, apart from when the device has headphones plugged in. In the latter case, when the call starts, audio is still routed through the main speaker of the device. If I unplug and plug the headphones back in – during the […]

By kagelos
Categorised as callkit, ios, sinch, swift

CallKit call blocking extension automatically disables occasionally

I have an app with a CallKit call blocking extension. Generally it works fine, but on some devices it occasionally becomes disabled by itself (well, in fact by iOS I guess) after a while – so user has to go to Settings and re-enable it again manually. However, there is no any visible reason for […]

By degapps
Categorised as callblocking, callkit, ios, ios-extensions, objective-c

Flutter based call recording app with native UI integration

I am trying to get call-recording to work with native UI integration using flutter, CallKit (iOS) and ConnectionService (Android). Since there is no guide for integrating flutter with CallKit and ConnectionService or any other service to enable system-like call recording without root access or jailbreak, this question has come to existence. There are a lot […]

By Junaid Shaikh
Categorised as android, call-recording, callkit, flutter, ios

CallKit/Voip: how does a caller handle become blocked?

In the iOS 13 documentation for CXProvider:reportNewIncomingCall() It says “An incoming call may be disallowed by the system if, for example, the caller handle is blocked, or the user has Do Not Disturb enabled.” How does a caller handle get blocked? Is blocking the handle something the app itself can do? (Note if a […]

By user9435893
Categorised as callkit, ios
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