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Cmake – cross compiling C++ project for iOS

There is no quite a good tutorial for Cmake integration for iOS projects. There are very few found on internet, but lags information. I have a C++ project and I want to cross compile it for my iOS project. I am really not an expert in C++ and Cmake topics. Though, I followed a blog […]

By iOS
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Embedding files in an iOS app (C++/Qt/cmake)

In an iOS c++/Qt application, I need to ship a few files and to keep them in their directory structure. For the Android version, we bundle a zip which we unzip on the target before creating the QApplication. On iOS, it seems that CMake is not capable of bundling files in a tree: […]

By Denis Rouzaud
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Building a header only framework for iOS with Bazel (to be consumed by a native iOS implementation)

Summary I am currently trying to build a header only C++ (17) library for iOS. This library should output a .framework which should be consumable in a standard iOS application. The library also (of course) has other dependencies which do have source files. Background The existing setup uses Bazel, and up until this point has […]

By WoodyDev
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