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Cocos2d-x Display resolution problem in in iPad Air(4th Gen) and iPadPro 11 inch

I used resource of 2048×1536 for all iPad device. Resolution is not perfect in iPad Air(4th Gen) and iPadPro 11 inch. In all other iPad display correct. Tested in Cocos2dx v4.0 Here is my code: if (MyGameBridge::sharedGameBridge()->IsIpad()) { auto designSize = Size(1024, 768); auto resourceSize = Size(2048, 1536); director->setContentScaleFactor(resourceSize.height/designSize.height); searchPaths.push_back("Data/iPad"); } Something wrong in my […]

By Guru
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How can I create object and use it in Objective-C?

I am using Buildbox for my game. I implemented custom rewarded ads. The problem is that game music continues when rewarded video is open. I want to mute and unmute after video is watched. I know Java but I am not good in Objective-C and Cocos2dx. My AudioEngine.h Class: under libs/cocos2dx/include/audio/include/ /**************************************************************************** Copyright (c) 2014-2015 […]

By gurkan stack
Categorised as buildbox, cocos2d-x, ios, objective-c, objective-c-2.0

Create UDP server using C++ to embed in cross platform iOS and Android app

I am developing a cross-platform mobile game (iOS and Android) using cocos2d-x. Most of my code is written in C++, with OS specific code in Objective-C / Java / Swift using a bridge. I was wondering if anyone has used any C++ library to host a UDP server within their app ? EDIT: So far […]

By Kaizer Sozay
Categorised as android, c++, c++11, cocos2d-x, ios

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