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App failed to launch "No such process" / certificat untrust issue

I try to automate the creation of .ipa for development step. I have an enterprise licence, and I use a distribution cert. Here my code so far, I try to do the whole signing process manually : #!/bin/bash PROFILE_PATH="XX/XXX/XXX.mobileprovision" PROFILE_NAME="XXXXXXX" KEYCHAIN="/Users/XXXX/Library/Keychains/login.keychain-db" PASSWORD="XXXX" CERT_PASS="XXXX" CERT_PATH="./XXX/XXX" ARCHIVE_PATH="./XXX/myApp.xcarchive" IPA_PATH="./XXX/myApp.ipa" EXPORT_PATH="./XXX/exportHouse.plist" sleep 5 open "${PROFILE_PATH}" sleep 5 security list-keychains […]

By LexaGC
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App failed to launch "No such process" / certificate untrusted issue

I’m trying to automate the creation of an .ipa file for development step. I have an enterprise licence, and I use a distribution cert. (It’s a Distribution certificate for an Enterprise distribution. So I don’t publish on app store) Here my code so far, I try to do the whole signing process manually: #!/bin/bash PROFILE_PATH="XX/XXX/XXX.mobileprovision" […]

How to handle custom URL scheme while macOS Command Line Tool is running

I’m building a Command Line Tool which should listen to the custom URL scheme while running: import AppKit import CoreServices let RunLoop = CFRunLoopGetCurrent() class EventHandler: NSObject { @objc(handleAppleEvent:withReplyEvent:) func handleURLEvent(_ e: NSAppleEventDescriptor, _ reply: NSAppleEventDescriptor) { guard let descriptor = e.paramDescriptor(forKeyword: .init(keyDirectObject)), let stringValue = descriptor.stringValue, let components = URLComponents(string: stringValue) else { exit(EXIT_FAILURE) […]

By Vadim
Categorised as command-line-interface, executable, info.plist, swift, url

Swift CLI application in workspace and dependencies in workspace and cocoapod

I try to create a CLI application using Swift. I’ve made a framework with logic and create for that framework separate project in a workspace. Also I use cocoapods to manage dependencies. Now my workspace has following structure: Workpace FrameworkProject CLIApplicationProject PodsProject The CLI application has dependencies on the Framework and Pods libraries. Also I’ve […]

Build commands failed: CompileAssetCatalog – Cordova for iOS

After setting up a fresh Cordova for iOS project trough the CLI this error comes up. Build commands failed: CompileAssetCatalog /Users/a/example/example/platforms/ios/build/emulator/ /Users/a/example/example/platforms/ios/Example/Images.xcassets (1 failure) xcodebuild: Command failed with exit code 65 Cordova Version: 9.0.0 ([email protected]) Xcode Version: 11.2.1 macOS Version: 10.15 CLI: cordova create example Example (cd example) cordova platform add ios cordova emulate […]

By Tom
Categorised as command-line-interface, cordova, ios, macos, xcode

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