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Connect To IPSec VPN connection only inside app with swift

I created application that have vpn connection IPSec(with This tutorial) my question is what should I do in MY CODE that every one want to connect to my vpn , only going to my application and connect to vpn(user go to setting iPhone and tap on my vpn not at all can’t connect ) Source: […]

By yahya
Categorised as connection, ios, ipsec, swift, vpn Tagged , , , ,

Not able to add an apple account to the visual studio 2017

I have an apple account with the admin role. Whenever I’m trying to add an apple account to visual studio, it displays “There was an error while trying to log in: A server with the specified hostname could not be found”. I updated Visual Studio 2017 also. Still, it displays the same error. Please help […]

By Priyanka
Categorised as account, connection, ios, visual-studio, xamarin.ios

Do iOS BLE Connection Parameters also apply to iOS Slave/Peripheral?

Apple provides requirements on BLE connection parameters: Do these assume the iOS device is in master (central) mode, or do they also apply to slave (peripheral) mode? Given that the master ultimately defines the connection parameters (i.e. it can reject parameter adjustment requests from slave), if a non-iOS master specifies “non-compatible” connection parameters, does […]

By abc
Categorised as bluetooth-lowenergy, connection, ios

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