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No connectionEventDidOccur for GATT over BR/EDR (aka Classic) using CoreBluetooth

I’m trying to use the iOS 13 introduced capability in CoreBluetooth to do GATT over BR/EDR. The accessory I’m using obviously implements GATT over BR/EDR (it even publishes its services using SDP). According to the session WWDC 2019 What’s New in Core Bluetooth session, we have to use the registerForConnectionEvents API on a CBCentralManager instance, […]

By Adam
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Background Scan for Bluetooth Devices (inc. Apple AirPods) with known Peripheral UUID

In my iOS app, When I scan for Bluetooth devices, I see Peripheral UUID and other data from each nearby device, like below: (uuid: 58B95943-A57E-F818-D3CC-9F8122C64D88, name: “iPad Pro”), advertisementPacket: [“kCBAdvDataRxSecondaryPHY”: 0, “kCBAdvDataRxPrimaryPHY”: 1, “kCBAdvDataIsConnectable”: 1, “kCBAdvDataTimestamp”: 612132622.292843, “kCBAdvDataTxPowerLevel”: 12], rssi: -37 I then wish to continue scanning for a single device with specific UUID in […]

By Kashif
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didUpdateValueFor callback function of Core Bluetooth doesn’t fire

I am using Core Bluetooth in an iOS app using Xcode and Swift to get data from a Muse 2. The process works except the didUpdateValueFor callback function doesn’t fire. The didUpdateNotificationStateFor callback function fires, and when I print the characteristics, they show that they are notifying. I have done the same thing with a […]

By Daniel Brower
Categorised as core-bluetooth, ios, swift, xcode

iOS Background BLE advertising not detectable by Android

When an iOS BLE peripheral enters the background state, the advertising packets are not emitted in the regular manner and they are placed in a special “overflow” area which is only detectable by another iOS device explicitly looking for this device. The bluetooth-peripheral Background Execution Mode That said, you should be aware that advertising while […]

Can’t write JSON to peripheral with CoreBluetooth

I have a paired bluetooth peripheral which I have to send some credentials in a JSON like as follows {“SSID”:”WIFI_SSID”, “Password”: “WIFI_PASSWORD”} And after the information has been sent the peripheral should connect to the provided WiFi credentials but I’m not completely sure the process is being performed correctly. As soon the bluetooth peripheral has […]

By javierdemartin
Categorised as core-bluetooth, swift

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