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Understanding a Testflight Crash Report (iOS / React-Native / XCode)

I have some users testing my react-native app using TestFlight. For a couple of the users the app is crashing. It does not crash for myself and another user. TestFlight provides crash reports, however, I am unsure how to view any meaningful information about them. I have managed to open them with XCode, however, it […]

By kojow7
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TestFlight crash log not showing in Xcode?

Ok. I am on the latest version of Xcode, macOs, everything is updated. I just uploaded a new build to TestFlight and all of a sudden no crash reports are showing up in Organizer. I know we had a crash because my tester showed me his phone – I had him go to Privacy settings […]

By skyguy
Categorised as crash-reports, ios, testflight, xcode

PlugInKit: -[PKService run] iOS Keyboard extension error

I have developed a iOS keyboard and i am getting some wired error in my crash logs i have search in every where but i didn’t find any solution. This is the error i am getting in my error console. PlugInKit: -[PKService run] + 752 Here is screenshot of the error. can anyone tell me […]

By Kamal Upasena
Categorised as crash-reports, ios, keyboard

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