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If you use Geofire to get a bunch of user keys, how do you use the keys in a DataEventTypeSnapshot?

So I tested all the code with a simpler line 1 and line 2 snapshot – one that stops at users and doesn’t include the key child. With that snapshot the rest of the code works, so the error I believe lies in having .child(key) there. However, I don’t know of another way to make […]

After querying in firebase realtime database, how do you further reduce the users that get displayed by using geofire?

So, in principle: query db, and then on client use geofire to further reduce the users that are displayed let refArtists2 = Database.database().reference().child("people").queryOrdered(byChild: "caption").queryStarting(atValue:dateToday.timeIntervalSince1970*1000) refArtists2.observe(DataEventType.value, with: { snapshot in ////////////xxxxx////////////// let enumerator = snapshot.children while let people = enumerator.nextObject() as? DataSnapshot { let peopleObject = people.value as? [String: AnyObject] .. …. …. append sort }} […]

fetch specific data from firebase for different users

I have two users that are trying to send data to each other. One user posts a task while the other is trying to complete a task. The user who is trying to complete the task can successfully send all different types of enum data to the user who posted the job, but the user […]

swift Passing data from containverView error

Heloo, i have this problem when im using contaienerView with static tableview. i want to pass my data from my main view controller to my tableview, and im having this break where it said my data is null, but it wasnt null because i already fill that data that i want to pass in. im […]

By afi permana
Categorised as firebase, firebase-realtime-database, swift, tableview

Populate tableview with Firebase realtime database

Currently I get data from json file located on http server if let url = NSURL(string: “”) { do { let data = try Data(contentsOf: url as URL) let decoder = JSONDecoder() jsonData = try decoder.decode(TestList.self, from: data) } catch { print(“error:(error)”) } struct TestList: Decodable { enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey { case items } […]

By Jay
Categorised as firebase-realtime-database, json, swift

Issues retrieving notificationTypes from Firebase

I have a bit of a lengthy question, So I apologize in advance I will try to illustrate this to the best of my abilities. I am trying to establish a notifications view controller that calls different types of data from Firebase and sets different notification types. In the image above, this is how the […]

By zach wilcox
Categorised as firebase, firebase-realtime-database, ios, notifications, xcode

Duplicates child node when setting a value Firebase

I’ve been trying to fix this for the last few days but keep ending up with the same result. When a user clicks to add a friend, it adds the friend’s id as a node under “friends” (as expected); however, when I go to try and update or set a value for that id, it […]

By Jaqueline
Categorised as firebase, firebase-realtime-database, ios, swift

Will I incur excessive costs doing something like the following with firebase keys?

I am using firebase realtime DB for my iOS app. Something I do very often is store some info in a nodes key for easy access, and to solve some other problems in my code. But I have been wondering if I will be charged more for doing something like that, instead of just storing […]

By Outsider
Categorised as firebase, firebase-realtime-database, ios

Data being grouped in a strange way

Update: I believe this problem is related to having a firebase call within another firebase call, but I need to do this in order given that I do not know each users uid, so u do I resolve this problem? I am trying to fix a problem in a tableView where data that is added […]

By Outsider
Categorised as dispatch-queue, firebase, firebase-realtime-database, ios, swift

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