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Can’t link Admob with Firebase with multiple accounts

I have two accounts: “A” and “B”: “A” is main account that hosts iOS swift mobile application on Firebase. “B” is used for Admob integration with iOS mobile app. I’m getting error when trying to link Admob to the Firebase project. I shared firebase project with “B” by granting permissions as “Firebase Admin”. So account […]

By Serhii
Categorised as admob, android, firebase, google-analytics, ios

How to report parameters in Firebase Analytics Events

I’ve used Fabric with iOS before where it was so easy to report custom parameters in the same analytics event in like this: Answers.logCustomEvent(withName: “saved_border”, customAttributes: [“image_index”:”(index)”]) Now I’m trying to do the same with Firebase Events but I see only event names in console (without custom parameters) Here my code: Analytics.logEvent(“saved_border”,parameters: [“saved_image”: index]) Is […]

Categorised as android, firebase-analytics, google-analytics, google-fabric, ios

Firebase IOS UTM Install Tracking

I’m using firebase analytics to track installations on both android and ios. This work fines but I can’t get the UTM campaign from IOS Installations. I’m using the following link to generate Android campaigns: The problem is that the IOS Url builder requires an parameter “GA-ID” in format “UA-XXXX-Y”. We are using firebase analytics […]

By Jeferson Daniel
Categorised as android, firebase, firebase-analytics, google-analytics, ios

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