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Dynamic titles/descriptions for iOS auto-renewable subscriptions

I’ve read in other posts that this is not possible. However, somehow YouTube seems to be doing it – you can see in the screenshot that the subscription display name is "Marques Brownlee" which is the name of the channel / content creator. I would like to programmatically create auto-renewable subscriptions on behalf of app […]

Swift: how to fix strange in-app purchase behavior?

I use code for in-app purchase based on this answer. But I ran into some strange bugs. For example: I have FirstViewController with locked content and PurchasesViewController with purchase buttons. When I click on purchase button in PurchasesViewController, confirm purchase and wait several seconds for notification about the purchase is successful. Next I go back […]

InApp purchases produce wrong SKPaymentTransaction state

let payment = SKPayment(product: product) SKPaymentQueue.default().add(payment) According to the above code section I tried to purchase a product but some times it immediately comes to the following method func paymentQueue(_ queue: SKPaymentQueue, updatedTransactions transactions: [SKPaymentTransaction]) { without prompting window for user iTunes credentials and it returns wrong SKPaymentTransaction state as .purchased. Hard to find the […]

By Isuru
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in_app_purchase how do I get the data needed for android verification from the serverVerificationData

I am trying to implement server side verification for IAP’s in my flutter app. I am using the package version: ^0.3.4+8 And I am confused how I get the data to verify my purchase for android and IOS. In the documentation they say "or verify the data using your own server with serverVerificationData." This […]

React Native: RNIap.getPurchaseHistory().then runs infinately

The project is at this Github Repository. The file with the code is at components/Soundboard.js This code was working previously, but now it looks like the promise is running forever. It looks like neither the resolve function, nor the reject function are executing because if I uncomment all the commented lines below and call the […]

By Sam
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, react-native, reactjs

SKPaymentTransaction’s stuck in queue after finishTransaction called

We’ve got an app that’s been rejected by apple a few times for being unable to complete an auto renewing IAP purchase, and being unable to restore if attempted. We’ve finally narrow down the errors by adding some extra logging, and noticed Payment added for transaction already in the SKPaymentQueue: … in the logs. While […]

By Andrew Carter
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, skpaymenttransaction, storekit

Handling refund notifications for consumable in-app-purchases

According to Apple documentation, to identify the transaction, productId and relevant dates, we should "Find the most-recent transaction for the product_id in the unified_receipt.latest_receipt_info". My question is how do I find out the product_id? My app has multiple consumable in-app-purchases. One option I was exploring was to [locally receipt validate]2 the receipt blob in the […]

By Nikunj Banka
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, receipt-validation, storekit

How to check if subscription is active in iOS on app restart or reinstall

I have an iOS app (Objective C) with a subscription (non renewing). How can I check that it is still active when the user restarts the app? I have read a lot about this, but does answer not seem clear how to do this correctly. What I have currently is when the app starts I […]

By James
Categorised as in-app-purchase, in-app-subscription, ios, objective-c

Swift IOS 13, IAP – "Cannot connect to Itunes Connect"

I am using IOS 13.5 and am running into some problems when implementing IAP. I used this same exact code when i built a previous app and the payment works fine when i test run the previous app on the same physical device as i do now. I have checked internet connection which is fine, […]

By olle
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, storekit, swift, xcode

The purchase dialog does not show up since iOS 13.4

Since iOS 13.4, the dialog for in-app purchases does not show up when the line… [[SKPaymentQueue defaultQueue] addPayment:payment]; …is executed. Pre iOS 13.4 a dialog popup showed up where the user confirmed the purchase, but now nothing. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue? Notes: It’s a fullscreen game based upon libSDL and […]

By Viktor Sehr
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, objective-c, skpaymenttransaction
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