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Compatibility of named colors below iOS 11

I need to implement the dark mode in my iOS app which runs on iOS 8+. Also I have custom colors defined in color assets with RGB codes for both light and dark appearance. The problem is named colors are not supported proir to iOS 11, but I can use only named colors to support […]

By Artem Mostyaev
Categorised as ios, ios8, xcode, xcode11

MAC Sierra 10.12 use xcode to debug view hierarchy get empty, not show the view

I recently encountered a problem, I use VMware to install the mac system, the use of xcode debug view hierarchy function, encountered a blank interface, but the left shows the view inside the UIViews elements, the middle is a blank nothing, Do not know why, hope to get everyone’s answer. Thank you I am using […]

By lin Bruce
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UINavigationController disable Language direction in swipe to go back

When the application language is Arabic, (interactivePopGestureRecognizer) works from right to left so the user has to swipe from right edge to pop viewController.I wanna to force interactivePopGestureRecognizer to swipe from left to right (user has to swipe from left edge) despite the app language because I wanna to fix the back button at left […]

By SamehDos
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How can I create a horizontal gradient background for my iOS nav bar?

I know how to set a navigation bar background color (with barTintColor), but now I am working on an iOS app that calls for a horizontal gradient (not the typical vertical gradient). How can I create a navigation bar with a horizontal gradient background? Source: Ios7 Questions

By Andrew
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iOS Push Notification big payloads on iOS7

With iOS8 Apple has increased the allowed payload size for push notifications to 2K. What will happen if I send the same push notification to iOS7? How will it behave? Source: Ios7 Questions

Apple Healthkit and iOS 7 deployment target

When trying to submit an app through Xcode or Application loader, with the "healthkit" entitlement enabled and a deployment target of 7.0, the app store gives the following error: ERROR ITMS-9000: This bundle is invalid. The key UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities contains value ‘healthkit’ which is incompatible with the MinimumOSVersion value of ‘7.0’. The confusing thing is, both […]

By Andy M
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Change only one specific UITabBarItem tint color

It is well known that the tint color of selected (or active) items in a UITabBarController can be easily changed, here is an example: myBarController.tabBar.tintColor = [UIColor redColor]; In this instance, any tab bar item in tabBar will have a red tint once it is made active. Again, this applies to all of the items […]

By element119
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