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Trying to get full width of view using geometry reader and navigation bar – SwiftUI

I have 2 HStack‘s using geometry reader to split them evenly into 2 sections that are embedded into a VStack, I am trying to create a layout similar to the first below image (landscape mode on iPad). However, I am struggling to get the HStack‘s to line up like a grid meeting in the middle. […]

By spoax
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How to update window frames on an iPad split view?

I am trying to add a banner window which should show on top of the main window at all times. nothing from the main window should ever block the content on that banner window and the banner window should also not block the content of the main window. The following code worked fine on an […]

By Anirudh Bandi
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iOS/iPad + Safari: Vertically and horizontally sticky positioned cells showing jerky effect

I have a table, not the HTML table, but the one made of React styled divs, in which the top 4 row cells are sticky positioned, also 2nd, 3rd and 4th row cells are replaced by their replacers when corresponding data set is accessed through vertical scrolling, as per shown in gif, thats the reason […]

By Sujit Singh
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The white X appears in the grey box on all browsers I have but Safari on iPad. Did I make a mistake or Safari?

On Safari on Ipad the white X appears on the right hand part of the black. This is the only Safari I have though so unsure if iPad issue or Safari issue or my issue. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″ name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0″/> <title>title</title> </head> <body> <div id=”main”> <div id=”piece-info-container”> […]

By Dejas
Categorised as css, html, ios, ipad, safari

Best Practice for laying out UI Programmatically for both iPhone and iPad

Looking for a clean solution to laying out UI programmatically and having it look right on every device. I’ve tried extending CGFloat to scale numbers depending on the device extension CGFloat { func scale() { // Modifies self by multiplies by the ratio between the initial screen size and the desired screen size } } […]

By Gabe Spound
Categorised as autolayout, constraints, ios, ipad, swift

Is there a medium weight font between -systemFontOfSize: and -boldSystemFontOfSize:?

-systemFontOfSize is too thin, and boldSystemFontOfSize too thick. I need something inbetween. When I create a UIFont like this: [UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:14]; then the debugger prints this font info: font-family: “.Helvetica NeueUI”; font-weight: bold; font-style: normal; font-size: 14px Sometimes fonts have a medium font weight. How can I create a font of this type but with […]

By Proud Member
Categorised as ios, ipad, iphone, uifont

Multi-Select Two Sides are showing "0 Items" in iPad | iPhone under Aurelia Framework

I am using Aurelia Framework and i use “multiselect-two-sides” in my project .This is working under Microsoft OS ,Chrome and in all browsers but not working properly under iOS platform. I did many search for fixing this issue because many other users reported this issue. Recently i used this code to fix my problem but […]

By Aamir Hussain
Categorised as aurelia, ios, ipad, jquery-ui-multiselect, multi-select

Is is possible on iPad OS to detect if the keyboard is in floating mode?

We’re running into a specific bug on iOS/iPadOS which seems to be triggered when the iPad is showing the floating (iphone-like) keyboard on screen (instead of the anchored one) Our issue is specific to React Native and the KeyboardAvoidingView component. When the component renders and the keyboard is floating, the KeyboardAvoidingView completely mis-calculated the height […]

By Ben
Categorised as ios, ipad, objective-c, react-native, react-native-ios

Exclude pod when porting to mac with catalyst

Porting apps to mac is finally possible thanks to Catalyst, problem is, numerous pods don’t support AppKit. Most common one would be Crashlytics / Firebase. In […]/Pods/Crashlytics/iOS/Crashlytics.framework/Crashlytics(CLSInternalReport.o), building for Mac Catalyst, but linking in object file built for iOS Simulator, file ‘[…]/Pods/Crashlytics/iOS/Crashlytics.framework/Crashlytics’ for architecture x86_64 Since it’s a recent topic, I couldn’t find doc on […]

By AncAinu
Categorised as cocoapods, ios, ipad, maccatalyst, swift

How to detect iPad Pro as iPad using javascript?

We were able to detect an iPad device using javascript like this: function isDeviceiPad(){ return navigator.platform.match(/iPad/i); } That worked perfectly in detecting iPad devices, but when we checked from an iPad Pro (10.5 inch), it does not detect that it is an iPad. To further investigate, we drilled down into the navigator object, checked both […]

By Wonka
Categorised as ios, ipad, javascript, navigator
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