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why is my app’s display on iPhone12 mini incorrectly sized?

I read the native height of the phone to size my display output, and determine top and bottom keep out areas. This is a tab based app. My display is purely programmatic, it is graphically layed out based on screen dimension only. On the iPhone 12 mini, the display is smaller than it should be. […]

By user1644002
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Cocos2d-x Display resolution problem in in iPad Air(4th Gen) and iPadPro 11 inch

I used resource of 2048×1536 for all iPad device. Resolution is not perfect in iPad Air(4th Gen) and iPadPro 11 inch. In all other iPad display correct. Tested in Cocos2dx v4.0 Here is my code: if (MyGameBridge::sharedGameBridge()->IsIpad()) { auto designSize = Size(1024, 768); auto resourceSize = Size(2048, 1536); director->setContentScaleFactor(resourceSize.height/designSize.height); searchPaths.push_back("Data/iPad"); } Something wrong in my […]

By Guru
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in XCode12, iphone5 is not connecting

if it is possible, then how can i connect my old iphone5 (iOS-10) with xCode12 in debug mode. is there any possibility other than test-flight ? Source: Ios7 Questions

By gsk fs
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There are missing files when I archived from custom build configuration

We have different build configurations in our project, like the release, debug, sandbox, etc. The interesting case is when I archived from the release or debug build configuration, all archive files extracted as expected as shown in Image 1, but If I change build configuration to sandbox, some files and folders are missing as shown […]

By GreatCornholio
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Flutter iOS release and profile builds are not working properly

I have a very weird problem, which I just can’t solve: I want to test my app on my iPhone and testing the app over the day in different locations. So I need to make a profile or release build to have the app installed on my phone. Debug mode is working great, I have […]

By benicamera
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When in iOS applicationDidEnterBackground called immediately after applicationDidBecomeActive?

in our app we are logging (with an external analytics service) every time the user open our app. However, we have noticed that there are many weird app sessions (almost 15% of total sessions). Following the device timestamp of the events, the following methods are called: application(_ application: UIApplication, didFinishLaunchingWithOptions launchOptions: [UIApplication.LaunchOptionsKey: Any]?) applicationDidBecomeActive(_ application: […]

By user1305336
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GKLocalPlayer fetchSavedGamesWithCompletionHandler returns 0 games on installation

I can save my game and also fetch it but if I uninstall the game and then install it again, the call to fetchSavedGamesWithCompletionHandler returns 0 games (even if I call it several times). And if I call it again after some few seconds, the GKLocalPlayer manages to fetch the game i previously saved. The […]

By Zansin
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How can install pod file in aggregate framework in Xcode 12

I am working on custom framework so I create aggregate framework and also I wan to install cocoapods in project so I can able to install cocoapods but when I archive the project at that time "no module found CocoaMQTT"> I am using below script to archive the project . Script #################### Optional Value #################### […]

By Rushabh
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Customise Tab Bar with rounded button Issue swift

I have been customising tab bar with rounded button in center and set corner radius curve as well, I have set in storyboard as below, I have rendered image as original, but my issue is when I run in simulator, the upper half of rounded circle is missing as shown in image, I have set […]

By Aleesha
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No exact matches in call to intializer

I have recently shifted to Xcode 12 and start getting error which is not there in the Xcode 11. The Error is related to an Extension which says No exact matches in call to intializer Below is the code – public typealias UpdateBlock<T> = (_ object: T?) -> Void protocol ModelMappeable { func map(_ values: […]

By Vinod Singh
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