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How to localize string interpolation for notification message localizedUserNotificationString?

Tried to add a number inside a localized string with localizedUserNotificationString function. However, passing the argument into the function would cause a server connection error despite its a local notification. Replacing the arguments with a nil can solve the issue though. let day = getDay() as CVarArg content.title = NSString.localizedUserNotificationString( forKey: "day %@", arguments: [day] […]

Localisation Settings Not Changing the System Defined Text in Swift 4.2

I have 2 lang support for my app 1) English – en 2) German – de I have done all the procedures for localization, the only issue is whenever I change the language from “en” to “de” or vice versa then after the system text is not changing to the latest lang, but it reflects […]

By Suhas Patil
Categorised as ios, localization, objective-c, swift

Siri INPlayMediaIntent not working in anything other than english

I have a program that handles INPlayMediaIntent in an extension. This works fine as long as you are using Siri in english. Switching to another language makes Siri consider the query as a web search. To reproduce, please check out my demo from github and have a look at the Siri-Localized-MediaIntents-Broken folder. Then: Switch Siri […]

By DrMickeyLauer
Categorised as ios, localization, sirikit, sirishortcuts

How does iOS perform localization in Cordova / Phonegap build?

I am trying to display my app name in different languages. English Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) I am using phonegap build to build the app so cannot use xcode. Therefore, I have created 3 folders which contain respective InfoPlist.strings file manually on res folder like: en.lproj/InfoPlist.strings zh.lproj/InfoPlist.strings zh-hant.lproj/InfoPlist.strings Example of InfoPlist.strings file inside zh-hant.lproj folder: […]

By Biswas Khayargoli
Categorised as cordova, ios, localization, phonegap

MKMapView Legal label shows as <unlocalized>

I’ve added an MKMapView as a subview on one of my ViewControllers in an XIB. The map works alright in terms of showing directions. But the Legal text on the map (bottom left) shows as <unlocalized> instead of having a text saying Legal in whatever language is selected (or even English). How do I fix […]

By lostInTransit
Categorised as ios, localization, mapkit, mkmapview

Localizing the Reading of Emoji on IOS 10.0 or Higher

I’ve noticed an issue where IOS does not seem to localize the reading (by AVSpeechSynthesizer) of emojis on IOS 10.0 or higher, but it does seem to do it properly on IOS 9.3 or lower. If you tell an AVSpeechSynthesizer that’s set to English to speak an emoji by sending it the string, “?”, it […]

iOS: plurals and custom locale

I’m developing app that supports “en” and “ru” languages, users can select language inside app. If default phone’s locale set to “en”, but inside app selected “ru” language, then when trying to localize plural sentence ignored ‘many’/’few’ form. So it’s localized by the English plural rules. Definition: <key>%d files</key> <dict> <key>NSStringLocalizedFormatKey</key> <string>%#@[email protected]</string> <key>files</key> <dict> <key>NSStringFormatSpecTypeKey</key> […]

By Mikhail
Categorised as ios, ios7, iphone, localization, nslocale Tagged , , , ,

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