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iOS Safari Ignores Body Overflow: Hidden when Input Focused

It appears that on iOS 14.5 in Safari (haven’t tested in Chrome), overflow: hidden is ignored if the user is focused in an input field. Now, you can add a touch-action: none to the body element and that works in some situations, but it’s a hack (it doesn’t actually disable scrolling) and that attribute is […]

By Colin
Categorised as css, html, ios, javascript, mobile-safari Tagged , , , ,

How to maintain login status in a PWA initially loaded via Safari 14/iOS 14?

Our requirement is to have our users login to an app via a URL and, having added the app to their homescreen as a PWA, maintain that logged-in status, so that a second login to the installed PWA is not required. This is certainly possible under Android/Chrome where the logged-in status can be initially stored […]

By Velojet
Categorised as ios, mobile-safari, progressive-web-apps, safari

How to download a JSON file with javascript on iOS Safari?

I read a lot about this topic and safari seems to have issues with that (even filesaver.js). I still wonder, if any of you has an approach that makes it possible for a user to click a button and download a json file – with a file name – to his device. There are a […]

By codepleb
Categorised as filesaver.js, ios, javascript, mobile-safari, safari

PWA version of site slow and sometimes reloads on each activation

This is an intermittent behavior with the progressive web app version of my site. I made a website with React. Then I visited it with my iPhone 5 and saved it to my Home screen with Safari’s “Add to Home Screen” feature. The behavior is different between (1) visiting the site using the home screen […]

By Dan Cancro
Categorised as ios, iphone, mobile-safari, progressive-web-apps

The same site produces "too many redirects" only via cellular, not via WiFi

I host a small web site at an external host provider. When I open it from my iPhone, I get different results depending on how my iPhone is connected to the internet: When connection is made through WiFi, my page always opens and runs as expected When connection is made through Cellular, my page always […]

By dasblinkenlight
Categorised as ios, mobile, mobile-chrome, mobile-safari

Safari (version 13.0.5) losing POST data on temporary redirect 307 to a different domain

If I redirect to the same domain the redirect works with Safari. But Safari does not supply the post data when I redirect to a different domain. According to on a temporary redirect 307 the browser should not change the post request. Chrome , firefox and older Safari (iOS 11) versions preserve the post […]

By jvieten
Categorised as ios, macos, mobile-safari, safari, spring-boot

What causes this vue-router async component error – TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘t.__esModule’)?

I notice a lot of errors in Sentry with the following stack trace: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘t.__esModule’) at isESModule(./node_modules/vue-router/dist/vue-router.esm.js:1955:3) at ? (./node_modules/vue-router/dist/vue-router.esm.js:1882:27) at promiseReactionJob([native code]) I’m having a lot of trouble reproducing the error myself and figuring out what causes it. Looking at the vue-router source, it comes from this function: […]

By Maros
Categorised as ios, mobile-chrome, mobile-safari, vue-router, vuejs2

iOS PWA: how to force opening in a new window

I have a PWA saved on the home screen, this opens up standardly without search bar nor the bottom buttons (share, tabs, etc..). So every link gets opened inside the PWA, and that is expected. I have a problem when showing pdfs as they normally open in Safari with the “share” button and all the […]

By Mr Web
Categorised as ios, mobile-safari, progressive-web-apps, safari

iOS Safari clears form fields after pressing browser back button

I have a rails form, which upon submission takes you to a preview page. On the preview page, you can either submit after checking or you can go back to make changes. In a few browsers I’ve tested (Firefox on desktop and Chrome on Android) when you go back the form retains all the user’s […]

By Sagar Pandya
Categorised as http, ios, mobile-safari, ruby-on-rails, ruby-on-rails-5

Using Cache-API not possible in Safari/Chrome on IOS, is that correct?

Question Can I or can I not use caching API with service workers on IOS in either Safari or Chrome as of IOS 13.1? Background I have a web app, that is to be used offline. I use: Serviceworker Cache API IndexedDB Works in Chrome on Windows/Android Works as expected. Does not work when offline […]

By Kjensen
Categorised as cacheapi, ios, javascript, mobile-safari, service-worker
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