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Explore the latest questions and answers asked by our top developers. client automatically disconnecting in long Node.js function

I am using to communicate the swift client of my app with the server. Essentially, the client joins a socket connection upon opening the app and a job is instantly added to a Redis queue (it’s a job that takes anywhere from a few seconds to like 15ish seconds). There’s a response from the […]

By nickcoding2
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Video Spec to fluent-FFMPEG settings

Not sure how to translate this video spec into fluent-FFmpeg. please assist. This is the only video I have that plays on my iPhone, and I would like to reuse the video’s encoding to allow other videos I have, to be converted into the same video format. resulting in having my other videos playable via […]

By Dean Van Greunen
Categorised as android, ffmpeg, fluent-ffmpeg, ios, node.js Tagged , , , ,

‘Can’t set headers after they are sent to the client’ NodeJS error when iOS Swift app is sent to the background

I have an app with Swift/SwiftUI. I use the ObservableObject and JSONDecoder to get values from my Node.JS Express API to show within my app: struct DevicesList: Decodable { var data: [PhilipsHueDevicesListEntry] } struct DevicesListEntry: Decodable { var ID: String var Name: String var State: Bool var Reachable: Bool } Class that gets the values […]

By Nathan
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Remote bluetooth camera trigger for phone

I would like to build a camera trigger for my phone by simulating a BLE keyboard that sends the Volume Up key to the phone connected by Bluetooth. I want this because I want to trigger the native Camera app, and not an embedded camera view. I’m agnostic about technology used but ideally for simplicity […]

By ajf-
Categorised as bluetooth, hid, node.js, python, swift

Retrieves a list of apps that results of searching by the given term on app store or iTunes store

I am using Node.js module to scrape application data from the iTunes/Mac App Store. My purpose is find then app ranking in search result for particular keyword search. Till today, This module was giving proper app ranking on search results by keyword but suddenly It completely shows different search result than app store in […]

Categorised as app-store, ios, itunes-store, node.js, web-scraping

Receiving javascript heap out of memory when building iOS react native [releasse]

I only receive this error when building in iOS [release]. Debug seems to work. transform[stderr]: FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed – JavaScript heap out of memory transform[stderr]: transform[stderr]: W transform[stderr]: riting Node.js report to file: report.20191007.223532.34356.001.json transform[stderr]: Node.js report completed transform[stderr]: 1: 0x100062df2 node::Abort() [/usr/local/bin/node] transform[stderr]: 2: 0x1000634eb node::OnFatalError(char const*, char […]

Categorised as ios, javascript, node.js, react-native

Create an airplay server nodejs

I am creating an airplay server with this documentation My code is the following one const airplay = require(‘airplay-server’); const macaddress = require(‘macaddress’); const express = require(‘express’); const http = express(), mac) => { airplayServer = airplay({ name: ‘test’, txt: { deviceid: mac, features: ‘0x5A7FFFF7’, flags: ‘0x44’, model: ‘AppleTV3,2’, srcvers: ‘220.68’, vv: 2 […]

By Ajouve
Categorised as ios, node.js

Sending APNS push with Azure and Node.js to iOS not working

I need to send push notifications to iOS devices with Azure. I added the Notification Hub and the p12 certificate to it. This is my node.js code: async function sendPush(token) { var notificationHubService = azure.createNotificationHubService(‘hub name’,’connection string’); // registration is done only once: notificationHubService.apns.createNativeRegistration(token, [‘tag_associated_with_token’], null, callback); var payload = { alert: ‘Hello!’ }; // […]

By Eddy
Categorised as azure, azure-notificationhub, ios, node.js

AES256 Issue using swift 5

I am using AES256 algorithm CBC mode with pkc7 padding. I have backend in Node.js. But getting first 12 random characters. Here is my swift code: func encrypt(data: Data, key: Data, iv: Data) throws -> Data? { // Output buffer (with padding) let outputLength = data.count + kCCBlockSizeAES128 var outputBuffer = Array<UInt8>(repeating: 0, count: outputLength) […]

By anshul king
Categorised as aes, encryption, node-crypto, node.js, swift

Couldn’t purchase with Subscription offer

I am trying to make the In-App Purchase subscription offer work. So I get the encoded signature, nonce, timestamp and key identifier from our server. I create a SKPaymentDiscount object and setting this to paymentDiscount of SKMutablePayment object. On the first pop it is showing the revised price as expected -> enter the password and […]

By Nina
Categorised as auto-renewing, in-app-purchase, ios, node.js, swift

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