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keyboard notification not called with small keyboard

In my code the notifications, that the keyboard will open/close are called normally when the keyboard is big. But as soon as is make it small, squishing the keyboard between to fingers, those notifications are not called anymore. Anybody having similar issues? let notificationCenter = NotificationCenter.default notificationCenter.addObserver(self, selector: #selector(self.keyboardWillBeShown(_:)), name: NSNotification.Name.UIKeyboardWillShow, object: nil) notificationCenter.addObserver(self, selector: […]

By Adarkas2302
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Dismiss IOS Notification from NotificationContentExtention

Is it possible to dismiss/cancel a local notification from a button with in NotificationContentExtension? I was only able to dismiss the NotificationContentExtension itself, but not the entire notification. if #available(iOSApplicationExtension 12.0, *) { self.extensionContext?.dismissNotificationContentExtension() } Source: Ios

By YardenST
Categorised as ios, notification-content-extension, notifications, swift

Setting local notifications on all devices Swift

I have added date triggered local notifications to my app and now I want the user to be able to get the notification they set on one device on all of their devices that have the app. I save the notification they set in a core data entity (saving the notifcation identifier and date it’s […]

By fphelp
Categorised as icloud, ios, notifications, swift, xcode

ios – Schedule unlimited number of local notifications

I have an app that allows users to create recurrent events. Each one of the events may or may not have reminder/alerts at a specific time of day. If they have so, the app sends a local notification at that time of day. Events are stored in CoreData. Event(name: “Go to London”, date: 2020-04-03 21:40:55.419925+0200, […]

By mahan
Categorised as ios, notifications, swift

Issues retrieving notificationTypes from Firebase

I have a bit of a lengthy question, So I apologize in advance I will try to illustrate this to the best of my abilities. I am trying to establish a notifications view controller that calls different types of data from Firebase and sets different notification types. In the image above, this is how the […]

By zach wilcox
Categorised as firebase, firebase-realtime-database, ios, notifications, xcode

ios13 notification content custom height

Our code was working with previous versions, but on iOS13 the custom notification content height not working properly. Everything is visible what it should be, but the buttons are not clickable after a part of view. So for example after 320 pixel the custom views are not clickable. Running the same code on ios12 works. […]

By incmiko
Categorised as ios, ios13, notifications, rich-notifications, uilocalnotification

Implement Notification Service and Content Extension in Dynamic Framework

I have implemented Extension Notification Service and Notification Content Extension in my demo app and it’s working absolutely fine. Now, I have to implement it in my framework. Means I’m working on dynamic framework which are support as like chat application. In framework all screens are created programatically, Its doesn’t contains any storyboard or XIB. […]

By Sagar Chauhan
Categorised as ios10, notifications, swift

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