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Why local notification is not firing for UNCalendarNotificationTrigger

The local notification is supposed to fire at 25-9-2021. Here is the print object of fire time ▿ year: 2021 month: 9 day: 26 isLeapMonth: false year : 2021 month : 9 day : 25 isLeapMonth : false let content = UNMutableNotificationContent() content.title = "Test title" content.body = "sample test body" var trigger:UNCalendarNotificationTrigger let n […]

DateComponentsFormatter Crash On String From Components

I’m getting crash reports from within DateComponentsFormatter. I’m unable to replicate myself so if anyone has a solution or a way to reproduce it I’d be very grateful. 0 CoreFoundation 0x1a0142a48 __exceptionPreprocess + 220 (NSException.m:199) 1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x19fe69fa4 objc_exception_throw + 56 ( 2 Foundation 0x1a0452e78 -[NSDateComponentsFormatter _canonicalizedDateComponents:withCalendar:usedUnits:withReferenceDate:] + 1436 (NSDateComponentsFormatter.m:101) My code calling into it […]

By Stephen
Categorised as dateformatter, ios13, nsdatecomponents, nsdateformatter, swift

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