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Users Not Receiving Push Notifications Just From Me

I have a messaging app and I use Parse server as my backend. Push notifications work just fine between my users, however whenever I send a message from my user account, the recipient does not get a push notification (even though it looks like it was delivered to APNS just fine). If I log in […]

Swift – Parse Platform – Error attempting to .pin() an object to local datastore. Old objectId is (null)

I have two classes in my app. class UserEvent: PFObject, PFSubclassing { @NSManaged var target:PFUser @NSManaged var notifyTarget:Bool @NSManaged var requiresAction:Bool @NSManaged var affectedRelationship:UserRelationship? static func parseClassName() -> String { return “UserEvent” } } and class UserRelationship:PFObject, PFSubclassing { @NSManaged var userPair:[PFUser] @NSManaged var userA:PFUser @NSManaged var userB:PFUser @NSManaged var aFollowingB:Bool @NSManaged var bFollowingA:Bool static […]

By Alex Ritter
Categorised as ios, parse-platform, swift

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