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How to share Safari cached assets with iOS standalone mode?

I’m using a progressive web app (PWA) so visitors can download a website for offline use. The download functionality is working on Chrome, Safari and Android. However, if I click the "add to homescreen" button on iOS, turn on airplane mode, and click the homescreen icon I get the following error: "Safari cannot open the […]

how to enable Spring MVC web app into Mobile app using ionic capacitor?

I have web application in which Frontend is in reactJS and backed in Spring MVC. I have already converted frontend codebase in mobile app using ionic capacitor, but for some reason mobile app not able to access the backend services. My web app is perfectly working on localhost but mobile app is broken. I concluded […]

How to maintain login status in a PWA initially loaded via Safari 14/iOS 14?

Our requirement is to have our users login to an app via a URL and, having added the app to their homescreen as a PWA, maintain that logged-in status, so that a second login to the installed PWA is not required. This is certainly possible under Android/Chrome where the logged-in status can be initially stored […]

By Velojet
Categorised as ios, mobile-safari, progressive-web-apps, safari

PWA version of site slow and sometimes reloads on each activation

This is an intermittent behavior with the progressive web app version of my site. I made a website with React. Then I visited it with my iPhone 5 and saved it to my Home screen with Safari’s “Add to Home Screen” feature. The behavior is different between (1) visiting the site using the home screen […]

By Dan Cancro
Categorised as ios, iphone, mobile-safari, progressive-web-apps

Workaround for missing "Web Push" on Safari for my PWA

I am developing a PWA that requires Push-Notifications. Sadly IOS/Safari does not support for now, so I think i might have to wrap a native APP around in some way. In Android (before their “Trusted Web Activities” was a thing) you could use a WebView to basically display a headless Chrome-View in your App. […]

ios PWA How to open external link on mobile default safari(not In app browser)

I’m making a PWA in IOS 13.2. I need to launch another PWA on my app by clicking the external link for that PWA. The problem is that my PWA opens all external links on the in-app browser. As you know, we can not add PWA to Home screen on In-app browser. How can I […]

By Viktor Belashov
Categorised as css, html, ios, javascript, progressive-web-apps

How to detect that the application is being visited through a homescreen bookmark (embedded)?

I am writing a react native application with expo SDK36. When a user visit the website, the manifest is used with splash and favicon to produce a nice PWA. If I add a bookmark on my home screen with safari or chrome, I get my application available without any store installation and without the search […]

By Dimitri Kopriwa
Categorised as android, google-chrome, ios, javascript, progressive-web-apps

iOS PWA: how to force opening in a new window

I have a PWA saved on the home screen, this opens up standardly without search bar nor the bottom buttons (share, tabs, etc..). So every link gets opened inside the PWA, and that is expected. I have a problem when showing pdfs as they normally open in Safari with the “share” button and all the […]

By Mr Web
Categorised as ios, mobile-safari, progressive-web-apps, safari

iOS Standalone PWA input capture

I think we found a regression in iOS 13.2/13.3 in regard to PWAs running in standalone mode. Since on iOS PWA cannot access getUserMedia() we rely on the capture attribute on the HTML5 input tag to let the user take a picture and send it to a server. Our code looks like this: <div class=”camera-upload”> […]

By elbuild
Categorised as angular-pwa, input, ios, progressive-web-apps

Web app auto-redirecting to the initial page on iOS problem (it should NOT redirect)

I have a web app for Android and iOS that opens a web page. The app works fine for Android and most of the iOS devices. But for some reason, for some iOS users, the app automatically (randomly) redirects users to the initial page after a few minutes using the app. A user opens the […]

By Pablo Cantero
Categorised as ios, progressive-web-apps, ruby-on-rails, uiwebview
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