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Remote bluetooth camera trigger for phone

I would like to build a camera trigger for my phone by simulating a BLE keyboard that sends the Volume Up key to the phone connected by Bluetooth. I want this because I want to trigger the native Camera app, and not an embedded camera view. I’m agnostic about technology used but ideally for simplicity […]

By ajf-
Categorised as bluetooth, hid, node.js, python, swift

Import python module in flutter using starflut

I am trying to develop a Flutter app for audio fingerprints processing. I am using Starflut for python integration. Here is simple example: //python file for using from dart def tt(a,b) : print (a, b) return 666,777 g1 = 123 def yy(a,b,z) : print(a,b,z) return {‘jack’: 4098, ‘sape’: 4139} class Multiply : def __init__(self): pass […]

By Danya Yatsenko
Categorised as android, dart, flutter, ios, python

iOS Elliptical curve key used for encryption decryption with Java Backend

I am a iOS developer and trying to use Secure enclave to generate ECC pair key. I am able to do that successfully using the sample app here: When I use this key along with a Python implementation to do encryption and decryption mentioned here: it works. The problem is that i need […]

By Balraj Singh
Categorised as encryption, ios, java, python

How to use pick_asset from the photos module?

I use the App Python Offline. I tried to use photos module. import photos assets = photos.pick_asset(title=’Pick some assets’, multi=True) print(assets) I got this error: AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘pick_asset’ Source: Ios

By Walle Cyril
Categorised as ios, photo, python, python-3.x

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