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Intermittent crashes with audio in react-native

Crashing when audio is played: I am creating an app with several different screens of audio clips. We are testing out the app on iPhone/iPad using Testflight and are getting intermittent crashes when audio clips are played. There seems to be nothing wrong with the audio clips themselves as most of the time they work […]

By kojow7
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ios app crashing after launch on ios 14 built on xcode 12.2

ios app archived on any arm64, arm7 when installed on a real device crashing after launch. Working fine on Debug and release in simulators. looks like the bundle is not loading. Steps To Reproduce npx react-native init testprod –template react-native-template-typescript open testprod.xcworkspace build and run archive export the ipa run it reald revice (or use […]

By Madhu Kumar
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Dev mode vs production mode in React Native (Xcode)

Memory errors when testing on physical iPhone I currently am experiencing memory issues when I run my react-native app on a physical device (iPhone connected through USB cable). I have tracked it down to too many console.log outputs. I have come across a couple of different solutions: On this [React-Native page][1] Facebook recommends using the […]

By kojow7
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Copy HTML to UIPasteboard with iOS 14

I have a simple react-native app that has some functionality to copy HTML to the global clipboard. I copied and made a minor modification to the react-native clipboard native module to change it from copying plain text to copying HTML. This code worked as expected with iOS 13, but since updating it doesn’t seem to […]

React native based SDK

I am trying to create a react based SDK, (i.e) I will be having an Android/iOS package which will be the entry point for an App and will be using react code for using existing business logic. I am able to see React’s AppRegistry.registerComponent as the entry point for react app. But for my use […]

By Manish Waran
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Understanding a Testflight Crash Report (iOS / React-Native / XCode)

I have some users testing my react-native app using TestFlight. For a couple of the users the app is crashing. It does not crash for myself and another user. TestFlight provides crash reports, however, I am unsure how to view any meaningful information about them. I have managed to open them with XCode, however, it […]

By kojow7
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Expo Universal Linking broken

I am pretty much stuck here and need some help. Here is everything I have done so far: AASA: { "applinks": { "apps": [], "details": [ { "appID": "com.lucdabomb.Boodschappen", "paths": [ "/invite/*"] }, ] } } I validated my site through and everything seems right. Expo app.json: "associatedDomains": ["", ""] I enabled Associated Domains […]

By Lucdabomb
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React Native CallKeep isCallActive using CXCallObserver

I am using to implement a VOIP app in React Native. It has a built in method for checking if a Call is going by passing the uuid to method isCallActive, it didn’t work correctly for me so i have implement my own native module to check using the same code with promise: RCT_EXPORT_METHOD(isCallActive: […]

By Waleed
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RNIap.getPurchaseHistory() always returns an empty array on iOS

The RNIap.getPurchaseHistory always return an empty array. Does not matter if I call on app start or after purchase was made. In componentDidMount I do the following: async componentDidMount() { await RNIap.initConnection(); this.purchaseUpdateSubscription = purchaseUpdatedListener( async purchase => { try { // send purchase to the server const savedPurchase = await savePurchase(purchase); // finish transaction […]

By Maksym Bezruchko
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React Native Link for React Native .60 +

This is still something that is required, I see this message all the time, but it’s completely invalid from what I have experienced. Almost every package I work with, I still have to run the react-native link. Can anyone tell me what’s up with this? Is it just particular packages, or why do I still […]

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