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Do I have to verify the receipt for every SKPaymentTransaction for subscriptions?

I am implementing auto-renewable subscriptions in my iOS app. My transaction handling looks something like this pseudocode: func paymentQueue(_queue: SKPaymentQueue, updatedTransactions transactions:[SKPaymentTransaction]) { for (t in transactions) { let data = Data(contentsOf: getReceiptUrl()) if verifyReceiptWithServer(data) == .success { print("Verified receipt successfully!") } queue.finishTransaction(t) } } If a subscription renews more than once while my app […]

Handling refund notifications for consumable in-app-purchases

According to Apple documentation, to identify the transaction, productId and relevant dates, we should "Find the most-recent transaction for the product_id in the unified_receipt.latest_receipt_info". My question is how do I find out the product_id? My app has multiple consumable in-app-purchases. One option I was exploring was to [locally receipt validate]2 the receipt blob in the […]

By Nikunj Banka
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, receipt-validation, storekit

Apple In-App Purchase and Receipt Refresh

I have a side project and I recently worked on my receipt manager to make it stronger and to relies more on the receipt of the app rather than persistently storing a value after a transaction. However, there are 2 main points which although I read Apple docs and other answers on the web, I’m […]

By Matteo Gobbi
Categorised as in-app-purchase, ios, receipt-validation, tvos

Why one should not call receipt validation endpoint directly

Apple provides an endpoint to validate receipts: and warns against calling the endpoint from the app It is not possible to build a trusted connection between a user’s device and the App Store directly because you don’t control either end of that connection, and therefore can be susceptible to a man-in-the-middle attack. It is […]

By Nick
Categorised as ios, receipt-validation

iOS 7: in app purchase receipt validation and verification

I am new to receipt validation in iOS. I have implemented in-app purchase successfully. Now I wish to include receipt validation part in this in-app puchase. My in-app purchase is for 3 products. I want that before purchase of each single product in my app, receipt validation should be performed. For this I followed the […]

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